Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Movie Review

I don't usually do movie review but when I do, it mean it must be I really have something to get it out!

Warning: Spoiler alert. Stop reading if you intend to watch the movie and don't want any surprises.

If you are looking at action pack and visual effect, this installment will met your need but if you are looking for consistency through the Transformers characters you know from G1, maybe this would blow your mind in some way.

Human Element
Even from the first installation, I have never understood the human element in play. However compare to the previous installment, the male lead is still better than the previous male lead. At least this is a macho man who really convince you that he can arm himself with weapons and be brave enough to stand against the enemy.

Even though they try to put in Father and daughter relationship here, it is redundant and lack of convincing emotion to me. Just to share when they were in a car and it is about to suck up by Lockdown, I almost felt asleep. That says a lot about the value of the actions.

* The most interesting Human drama in the entire movie goes to this couple

Team Autobots NOT
Now you may think Autobots are a great team since they need to as they are few in numbers but somehow these new Autobots team are nothing but a divided and full of individual thinking team. They have a few arguments and fight against each other to settle some differences. Nonetheless there isn't any much Autobots causality except for Ratchet who was ambushed in the beginning by humans and Lockdown.

No Decepticon, Not yet
How can transformers movie exist without Autobots and Decepticons. Apparently they are only Autobots officially. There was no mentioning of Decepticon as Lockdown seems to renounce being any team and align himself as with the Creator which most would guess is Primus or Unicron. Anyway foolish human take some fallen Decepticon and learn something of it and they choose Megatron head as sample. You know where it lead to.

The Immortal and the Dark Optimus Prime
This is where all the inconsistency begin for this movie. First Optimus Prime was injured and went into the coma state until the human mechanic (see I don't even remember the lead name and that does not matter). The damage was done not by the Decepticon but by the human apparently. The human mechanic manage to get him into working shape and all of them start to hit the road.

Half way in the movie, Optimus was shot down by Lockdown through the chest and was capture in his airship. Without any explanation, Optimus survived and managed to walk away later without any wounds. The Autobots managed to get an airship to escape.

At the ending of the movie, Optimus Prime was stab right in the chest by his own sword by Lockdown. With the help of the human, the sword was pull out of his chest and amazingly there was no wounds and he expressed no pain. Immediately he used the same sword to pierce through Lockdown and cut him into half.  Without any healing, Optimus suddenly take on his flight mode and carry the humans to safety. Yes you read correctly. Optimus can fly.

If he could fly, why in the beginning of the movie he did not take flight mode and fly off rather than disguised himself as a Truck? If you are wondering maybe Optimus can only fly a short distance but at the end of the movie, Optimus fly into space and decided to find the creator somewhere far away in the galaxy.

What the hell? If Optimus can do that, why they need a space ship to travel? Even Lockdown or any of their kind need spaceship to travel. Remember the Dark of the moon?

Did I mention that this is a Dark Optimus Prime? He mention he will kill human (granted he was feeling betrayed) and he did firing a round to kill a wicked human who was trying to kill the other human. Maybe it was out of defend or revenge as he witness his own Autobots was killed and stripe down for experiments.

At the scene when he cut Lockdown into half, I saw Optimus prime showing his fangs.This is not the Optimus Prime I remember...

Dinobots is the Savior
If there is any redeeming value for this installment, the true stars would be the Dinobots. They were so called Legends that has been captured by Lockdown and Optimus Prime set them free on the condition to fight for them and Optimus win them over to by a duel. Optimus promised them freedom. Optimus kept his word and the Dinobots were set free on earth and last know running in the land of China. God know what the Dinobots will do with their new found freedom. I mean, what were the Dinobots motivation going to be once they have their freedom? Will they hide some where in China or do they have other plans? I cannot imaging if that is in the reality.

This Transformers move achieved good box office record but the storyline and some movie logic if you step back and think about it just does not add up. If someone would say to me "Hey relax! It is just a movie." then you truly understand that this movie is a insult to the viewer intelligence especially to the passion of Transformers followers.

Since the box office is good and the ending is still very much Opened, Bay would have another opportunity to take the viewer on the ride again. 

For the fans of Transformers, we are at this stage which we are hitting ourselves and asking why are we hitting ourselves...

* They certainly have something to laugh about....

What's your thoughts on this Transformers 4 Age of Extinction movie? Is it worth the ticket and towards your expectation?


I care less about and human factor and plot. The action is still good though.
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