LEGO Maggi Simpsons

How is life to be if a Toddler never grow up? Such is the fate of Maggi Simpsons after endless seasons she still remain as a Toddler in some way.

Actually No. Maggi do grow up in some way if you follow the seasons mentally. Although in her toddler form, she did expreseds some mature attitude and reaction in many situations. Even though she still crawling but her movement is swift and precise. She even display her sharp shooting skill when coming to operate a sniper rifle!

Although surrounded by family members, Maggi often was a lonely kid and her only comfort and friend is her worn out teddy bear which could be a handed down toy from her siblings.

She spent most of her time with her mother Marge Simpsons. However Marge is often busy with her housework, Maggi has to find others to play with.

So who will she find? Let's find out.

Her father Homer Simpson who seems to be more interested in other things like food, beer and TV...

Her brother Bart who don't really care to play with her as boys his age like to play with boys... It iis a blessing in a way as Bart keep getting into trouble. Keep a distance Maggi for your own good.

Well maybe her elder sister Lisa would be good but you know Lisa being Lisa may not speak things that interest in a young toddler. 

That is why I said although Maggi is surrounded by family members, not many will care enough to play with her at her level of understanding. Although in some episode Maggi had a high intelligence but emotionally she is still a toddler and would like to have some fun at her level.

So ending up, she spend most of the time with her teddy bear...

Sad isn't it. I hope not many children get this type of treatment. Sometime as adults, we must speak and understand them to their level.

Do you agree?


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