Zoids Group Build 2014 @ Let's Play SG

It another year and it is once again ZOIDS Group Build for 2014. This group build are modeller of ZOIDS gathered together in Singapore to have a contest amount themselves.

Without much ado, let's the picture do the talking.

The first entry was a double Zoids.

Second entry I love the matching color tone of Purple and blue...

There are also mini figure with good painting too

Next entry is one of the D-style ZOIDS and I love the details and coloring

There are two entries of the same ZOIDs but different take. One is black matt painted

While another in purple with lot of LEDs to make the ZOIDs look alive!

Like last year, this year there is an entry of the Turtle Tank more to the Desert tone!

There is one action piece with realistic capture!

Another ZOIDS Liger with good weather details!

Now here is the Top 3...
In the Third!

The second is a big entry! ZOIDs base!!

There are so much details and lighting on this huge entries...

Finally the First was an elegant ZOIDs that with a class of it's own.

Personally I love the vegetation that give this entry some realistic feel.

The prizes are presented to the top 3 modeller! Well done guys!

Most of these entries are pure hardwork and each of them took the time to plan and painstaking to improve their skill and be creative in their model kit.

The owner of Let's Play close the shop for this half day event and with Toymaker sponsored some prizes to the winners. 

You may see the last year ZOIDS group build to judge for yourself is there an improvement of this group build.

More coverage at Toymaker and Chocofalcon


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