LEGO Marge Simpsons

What can I say about Marge Simpsons? The first word that comes to my mind is the word Gentle. Not only that but also a more sensible woman that many in real life would want that quality as a wife.

If there is one thing that Homer is lucky to get is a good and understanding wife. Of course such woman is a rare Gem in today society that accept and stand by her man.

If you think Marge style is stick in a certain era because of her hairstyle you are right because in the world of Simpsons everything stood still. You can see the fact that Baby Maggi never grew up.

This LEGO gave her a box of takeaway Donut Fancy and a pink handbag.

Many women want to change their men and so does Marge in some degree but she exercise more in term of patient and acceptance than many real life women. At least she don't speak down to her husband even though Homer sometime (or most of the time) say moronic things.

She know the truth that the way to a man heart is through his stomach.

Even if she is not a good cook, at least she know what her man want...

As moronic Homer can be sometime, he do know how to say the right thing at the right time.

That being said, they often do show quite a bit of expression of love.

But you know as it is just a show on public TV, there is only certain length that leave the rest to one imagination. Remember, kids do watch this show...

Now many would say Marge is just a fictional character but to some degree she resemble a iconic motherly figure who take pride in her children and her husband. Even in some crisis situation, you get to see Marge standing up and doing proactive stuff as a mother.

Everlasting beauty are not so much of outward look of fashion but more to the inner character and it's quality.  These are the women that are truly timeless beauty. I cannot find any reason to dislike Marge Simpsons as you always know her action and motivation is for her family.

So one for the motherhood ya?


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