LEGO The Interceptor 75031 Starwars

I have again start getting some Starwars figures and this time is from LEGO Microfighters series, The Interceptor.

Like many others the reason for me to get this set almost 50% because of the minifigure that it comes with while another because of the vehicles.

Let's us look at the Minifigure first. This is the pilot which I often called them fighter pilot from the Empire. The figure was given a short blaster just for self defense I suppose.

Here is the expression of the Pilot once you remove the helmet.

Here's a thing I don't really like which is when the helmet is on, the back expose the naked back of the head and it is not black in color. Look pretty weird to me.

On the packaging it has an illustration of the 1:1 scale of the drawing to the figure and I did make a measurement and found the print was right to the scale as it stated.

Now let's look at The Interceptor. The built was rather simple and when it is done, the feel of the Interceptor is there indeed.

Look at the side, you can see the four firing point on each axis.

Now do note that I have put the extra pieces on the front of the cockpit and at the back the Interceptor. I did that as I found some spare pieces in the set.

At the back of the Interceptor still look good.

At the bottom, it has 2 missiles ready to launch for user to play.

Now let's put the Pilot in position and here how it will look with the pilot.

Now here are the "Bonus" you can play with The Interceptor as the "Wings" can be posable.

Here is the case I opened all of the Interceptor wings. Look like X-wing right? LOL

Now here is the top folded like The Interceptor while the bottom open up. Look good as well.

This is not the first The Interceptor I have in my collection from LEGO. Previously I got the LEGO Death Star The Interceptor 9676. Here are them side by side comparison.

Now you may asked me which one look better but to me both has it good point. Both look like the Interceptor. While I love the cockpit of this Interceptor, the smaller interceptor seems more close the proportion of the Interceptor as it should be in the movie.

Here are both of the display with each their own Pilot.

Let us compare both Pilot and if you look carefully you will notice some the details are different. One was given a rifle Blaster while the other have more details on the LEGO body and helmet.

At the back the obvious different was the pilot from 9676 (Interceptor that pilot cannot sit in) has no design at the back of it's suit but the back of the neck was completely covered in black unlike this new set pilot I review today.

What's the difference? Just remove the helmet and you will notice one of the Pilot from 9676 actually wear the head suit while the new one did not have this piece of dressing painted.

Hold on to your horse as I will continue more of review on my next post. Stay tune.  :)


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