Hottoys 1/6 Marty McFly Back to the Future Preview

We are coming close to the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future in 2015 and Hottoys has just release preview of Marty McFly (Actor Michael J Fox) 1/6 figure.

This is the Marty from Back to the Future 1 when he will skate around with his skateboard listening to his walkman.

Not forgetting he was the camera man for Dr Brown.

Marty was a teenager and Hottoys manage to capture the likeness of teen Michael J Fox in some ways.

If I am not wrong, it was suggested there will be another Exclusive special edition that should come with the Guitar in 1965 when he played "Johnny be good".

How can the character not comes with the Time Machine? Hot toys do make the Delorean time machine but it won't come affordable.

These are for hardcore (loaded) collector and for the fans like me, it is quite a pull to buy this figure or not. Will you?


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