LEGO Lisa Simpsons

After Homer Simpsons, the next Simpsons I will review is Homer's favorite little girl, Lisa Simpsons.

Lisa is one of the more intelligent and kind at heart Simpsons. In the series, she was more mature than her age.

Lisa is a doer and she is head strong to stand up for what she believe in. She was a good balance of having a mind and a heart in the right places.

Because of her maturity, she do not mixed well with the kids of her age and often she talk to herself and having her own individual time for her to read more stuff. She is often well informed of the news around her.

Being a loner, she only can find satisfaction in that I mean she play saxophone and love Jazz music.

LEGO hit the spot for giving this Sax to her as that was her iconic introduction of being single out to learn the music room because she don't play in tune with anyone else.

I remember her walking out of the classroom leaving a silhouette of her playing the Sax.

So there is the lonely and misunderstood Lisa playing her Sax....

It is amazing she can hold up strong...but knowing some of the love of her family did keep her going.

Is Lisa one of your favorite character among her family?


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