30 September 2010

October 风云 Calendar

For the month of October, I will give it to my favorite HongKong KungFu comic of all time, Feng Yun 风云.

I waited for decade and finally Enterbay made them in 6.5" action figure. Although there are much room for improvement. I wouldn't complain about that.

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If you are a fan of Feng Yun 风云, you can read the review of 步驚云 (Cloud) and 聂风 (Wind). :)

29 September 2010

Street Fighter, the Legend of OTTi

OTTi was cosplaying again. This time, Street Fighter as Ryu.

If this is a movie, I promise it will be better than the last StreetFighter Movie. :P

On the note of cosplaying, I did dress and act like Ken for a skit during a youth camp years ago. I made my own costume and the length of my hair was as long as Ken in StreetFighter 2. Back then, cosplay was not even a word and there were no dying and bleaching of hair from black to Golden. That should paint the period how long it was. It was fun tho.:)

28 September 2010

Son Gohan Super Saiyan S.H.Figuarts

Since the last Super Saiyan Gokun review,  here is the second S.H.figuarts that I got recently. Son Gohan in Super Saiyan mode.

I was very much captivated by the number of articulation in this series printed at the back of the box.

For Gohan, they were generous to give many faces.

This figure comes with Piccolo coat. It was the first and only time Gohan get to dress like Piccolo on this deciding battle he faced with Cell.

A smart looking piece that is true to the Manga.

A father and son Portrait from Dragonball S.H.Figuarts which Gohan was the normal looking Super Saiyan form. That was the kind of training standard that Gokun come out with in preparation of the battle with Cell.

Due to the fact that Gohan was a mixed bleed between Saiyan and human race, he was more superior when emotion come into play.

Gokun knew that well to place his bet on his son. However for a peace nature boy like Gohan, he choose peace and compassion whenever he can. Even to the extend showing mercy to Cell, his enemy.

That cost the suffering on many and finally at the cost of the life of his father, Gohan finally burst into fury and show no mercy.

The final blow was a Kamehameha with Gokun in spirit to blast every single cell to non existence.

This is the best Gohan figure I have seen to date as it has the likeness in the Anime and Manga. This version marked the peak of his role as the main limelight in Dragonball series. After that battle, the main battle and focus will shift back to Gokun. Maybe Gohan wanted to have live peaceful life as a scholar. You can't blame him as he is only half Saiyan. :)

25 September 2010

Jim Henson Fraggle Rock Mcdonald Happy Meal Toys

Since we touch on the topic of Jim Henson and his puppets. here's another Henson creation. The Fraggle Rock.

Back in the late 1980's, Fraggle Rock was one of the show I follow on TV. In 1988, mcdonalds Happy meal rolled out with a set of 4 Fraggle Rock toys for their Happy meal.

First one in the list is Gobo, the main lead of the show who is in a carrot car.

If you have watched Fraggle Rock, Gobo's uncle had went into outer space (which our world) to explore and every now and then he will wrote letters to Gobo. The letter always started out like this "Dear Nephew Gobo..."

Second one in the list is Red in her Radish car!

This set of toys were made in 1988 under Jim Henson a famous puppeteer, marked at the bottom of the cars.

Next we have Wimbly & Boober in cucumber. Here's Wimbly.

and here's Boober

Finally we have Monkey  in her Eggplant Car!

Looking at these whole set really bring back some fond memories.

Here's  the box of the Mcdonald Happy Meal box (Not mine).

For those who have no idea about the show, you can watch the opening in the youtube link here that will give you some ideas of the show.

This toy review is make possible by Juliana personal collection who pass me these toys to me.

Do you happen to own these set of Happy meal toys in 1988 before? Ever catch the show before?

24 September 2010

Kermit, Kylie and Me

Today I was supposed to post something musical like vocaloid but I have discovered something that I can hardly contain my excitement after watching it.

I was a loyal fan of Sesame Streets in my childhood. During those time, Elmo was non-existence and there were more colorful characters that stand out in the show such as Oscar, Ernie and Bert, Big Bird, Grover and Kermit the Frog. Back then Jim Henson was the voice of Ernie and Kermit the Frog and it took me a long time to recognize they were the same voice. LOL

Kermit the Frog always had a special place in my heart as he is always portrayed as a honest and down to earth fella. I enjoyed watching him as a news reporter on Sesame Streets and the main host on Muppet Show. Kermit is a good singer with some famous numbers under his belt. However he was not so lucky to have Ms. Piggy who always "threw" herself at him. Poor Kermit...

As I grew older to my teens, I started to go into Pop music although secretly I was still following Sesame Streets on TV every Saturday. I didn't dare to tell any of my friends that as I would be the joke like forever?

My Pop music chart include songs by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Rick Astley and Kylie Minogue in my teenage years. You have to give it to Kylie as till today, she is still one of the Pop singers around with good selling records. The first song that get me started to like Kylie was "I should be so Lucky". That was one of the songs that bring back some memories in my life.

So what is the possibility that my these two idols cross path? And it happened and I am still overwhelmed by this video of Kylie Minogue singing with Kermit the Frog.

* The video was taken from An Audience With... Kylie Minogue in 6 October 2001.

Isn't that amazing? You can see the audiences in the video bright up when Kermit started singing duel with Kylie. As you can see Kermit was Kylie childhood idol too.

Are Kermit or Kylie one of your idols at a certain period of your life?

23 September 2010

Pokémon Apokélypse

Have you ever wonder how Pokemon will be as Live action for Pokemon?

*Maybe a LIVE concert someday too.

Well here’s a fan based version of the trailer and look like they are taking it seriously.

It seems like Ash and friends are all grown up. Actually I won’t recognize Ash if he was not wearing that cap. Team Rockets on the other hand never age! I think I will stop the commenting on the human actor before I got carry away toward some direction.

As for the Pokemon, it is good to see them how they will look like if they are produced in real life. That will keep you at bay to stick back to Anime ya?

However I have to comment on the mature CG effect and following close to pokemon design from the anime.

Overall I find the title fits this production. Apocalypse is the word. :)

For those who are in shock, here's another video of Pikachu and gang doing the haruhi dance to cheer you up with their cuteness.

I hope you are feeling better now. :)

22 September 2010

Evangelion Nerv Base Candy Toy

This month Bandai is releasing a cute looking Evangelion Nerv Base candy toy. It is quite rare to see Evangelion candy toy with combination display base.

The design of the base is pyramid looking with five mini characters figurines included.

When you open up the pyramid base, it breakdown to Eva Unit 1 cage for the main lead Shinji Ikari and  the 7th laboratory for Asuka.

Central Dogma for Shinji & Misato and Rei at the uninhabited entrance gate.

And the last pieces is the Central Operation Command Room.

* Photos credit to 万代魂
The total height for this Nerv base is 14 cm and each of the pieces can join together. A great and fun display for Evangelion fan.

21 September 2010

Singa the Lion Prototype

Here's a sneak peek on the 2.5 inches Singa the Lion soft vinyl that I reported sometime ago for the world kindness day.

What you see before you is the prototype. If confirmed, the various design will be implemented on this toy.

Personally I love the lion tail. It's a good feeling to see this old mascot in toy form now. Hopefully with various design, the global fans will love it. :)

More news on Project Singa website here.

20 September 2010

Figma Black Rock Shooter

I pre-ordered this in March and after some long wait, finally it has arrived. From Figma series, Black Rock Shooter!

For those who don't have any idea who is this Black Rock Shooter? Here's a trailer.

Now don't ask me why it's call Black Rock Shooter as the whole combination of words just don't really make sense to me. However it is not that important I guess as it is just a name.

The toys come with a 50 minutes material on DVD. I have not really look into the disc as I am only interested in the figure.

Out of the box, it is a good looking toy.

I first know Black Rock Shooter from the vocaloid and subsequently I saw cosplayer cosplaying her. Only then it created a interest in regarding this character.

The toy comes with 3 facial expression and 2 pieces of exchangeable hair parts.

That two head pieces can change from a normal BRS..

to another version just like the anime.

This one-eye-blue-flame version actually sparked lot of "followers" especially in cosplay. However with regard in the character, I wonder how did she get those scar on her tummy... through fights?

As for weapons, BRS come with a Big Cannon and a sword.

The big cannon originally look impressive but when I try posing it with the toy, I faced with much difficulties. Another example of somethings just work on drawing and not the physical world.

The sword on the other hand was very handy!

The toys also come with two metal chains. Yes, when I say it's metal, it's the real deal. Heavy and prone to rust. There are good to use it as in the trailer to chain her up.

Please don't think of anything Hentai alright? I was just following the trailer. :)

End of the day, BRS will break FREE and her vengeance know no bound. It's kinda like Kill Bill thingy. :)

And just when you think no one will dare to provoke her, Ironman came along to grab the Cannon as it is handy for him.

Well it was my fault as the Cannon remind me of Ironman doing the proton cannon in Capcom Marvel vs Capcom series in the Arcade. Don't you agree? :P

Overall I have a fair share of joy and disappointment with this toy. Joy was that the figure look great with chains, sword and nice faces and hair. Disappointment has to do with the Big Cannon that I can do any decent pose with it.

Thankfully, she look good with the sword than the cannon.

I know there are many who got this toy. However I can't say much on her nemesis toy though. Now I just need to find time to watch the DVD that come with the toy... :)

For those who can't get enough of BRS figma review, here are some friends review of it.

18 September 2010

Rodimus Transformers Animated TakaraTomy

I have not do much review on Transformers Animated line for a long time. Reason was there were not on sale at retail in Singapore for this toy line. But thanks to TakaraTomy, we have a chance to collect some of those figures.

One of them, Rodimus.

TakaraTomy packaging is mainly red in color and with more details of photos of the toys.

It is well known the TakaraTomy have better coloring for figures. Although with paint, it may happen to have paint chips but on the whole in presentation, it is still a good to have. For Rodimus, he was given a metallic tone looks which look really cool as a sport car.

The details of the color tone is great. I particularity like the blueish wind screen.

In terms of accessories, Rodimus have a bow with 2 projectile missile which is fun to play with.

The bow can be fitted on top of the vehicle mode to make Rodimus look deadly.

For Transformation, it quite straight forward.

In Robot mode, Rodimus is a handsome figure just like in Transformers animated.

I couldn't really get the weapon fitted firmly on Rodimus tho.

A closed up on Rodimus, he look more mature than he was in G1.

On the whole, this version of Rodimus stay true to the G1 version but a little twist on the look of the face. The color was great. However, the color tone remind me of Ironman in robot mode... Am I the only one who feel this way?

What about you? What do you think?

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