Enterbay Feng Yun 风云 Cloud 步驚云

I have awaited for a long time for an action figure from a Hong Kong comic FengYun 风云 and I was glad when Enterbay willingly to take on the challenge to make them.

Being a fan since the early 1990s reading FengYun comic, I didn't hesitate to buy the main character. One of the main lead, Bu Jing Yun 步驚云.

Let's begin the review from the packaging. It has a black packaging which very much suited to the character of Bu Jing Yun, since he carry a black sword and always having a black ura with him in the early days of his story.

To have his name embossed on the box gave a classy feel.

The original product comes with a 3D stickers beside the comic logo.

For Mint in Seal Box collector, this packaging will satisfy your desire in term of a great presentation of the figure.

As for me, I open the toy!

The figure was well scrupled having good resemblance of how I remember him in the comic with the black sword 绝世好剑 as accessory.

Here's a close up on his legendary sword which suppose to be the BEST sword in it's history...

It also come with a stand and few pairs of hands.

In total this figure have 4 pairs of hands but none of it have hands in palm action. I was disappointed thinking that I can pose 步驚云 in one of his well know skill 排云掌(Palm attack). :(

The figure weld the sword nicely.

His cape have certain joint that was flexible to post for the flowing effect.

The next thing I look out for is a legendary beast Tattoo on his arm known as 麒麟臂.

I was glad the detail was there.

As a big fan of the character, I tried to pose him as one of his famous pose...

This is the closest I can get from the figure even though the hand was given to do that...

somehow I have difficultly to get the elbows to rest on the knee like in the poster...Maybe I didn't push the figure hard enough...didn't dare to. :P

Nonetheless, this figure have great hair detail!

Although it has multiple articulated joints, there isn't much pose I can really do for this figure as he look great in stand pose.

I hope it has another head that show him shouting. Then again, Bu Jingyun always have a cool look. He was also known as the Tearless Death god. 不哭死神.

Overall this figure still stay true to the impression of how I know the character in the comic as a tall, cool and fearless guy. This toy is still worth USD $30 from a fan point of view.

This is the first 6.5" Action Master line from Enterbay and I do hope in time to come they will have more toys in this line for this comic.

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