Jim Henson Fraggle Rock Mcdonald Happy Meal Toys

Since we touch on the topic of Jim Henson and his puppets. here's another Henson creation. The Fraggle Rock.

Back in the late 1980's, Fraggle Rock was one of the show I follow on TV. In 1988, mcdonalds Happy meal rolled out with a set of 4 Fraggle Rock toys for their Happy meal.

First one in the list is Gobo, the main lead of the show who is in a carrot car.

If you have watched Fraggle Rock, Gobo's uncle had went into outer space (which our world) to explore and every now and then he will wrote letters to Gobo. The letter always started out like this "Dear Nephew Gobo..."

Second one in the list is Red in her Radish car!

This set of toys were made in 1988 under Jim Henson a famous puppeteer, marked at the bottom of the cars.

Next we have Wimbly & Boober in cucumber. Here's Wimbly.

and here's Boober

Finally we have Monkey  in her Eggplant Car!

Looking at these whole set really bring back some fond memories.

Here's  the box of the Mcdonald Happy Meal box (Not mine).

For those who have no idea about the show, you can watch the opening in the youtube link here that will give you some ideas of the show.

This toy review is make possible by Juliana personal collection who pass me these toys to me.

Do you happen to own these set of Happy meal toys in 1988 before? Ever catch the show before?


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