Figma Black Rock Shooter

I pre-ordered this in March and after some long wait, finally it has arrived. From Figma series, Black Rock Shooter!

For those who don't have any idea who is this Black Rock Shooter? Here's a trailer.

Now don't ask me why it's call Black Rock Shooter as the whole combination of words just don't really make sense to me. However it is not that important I guess as it is just a name.

The toys come with a 50 minutes material on DVD. I have not really look into the disc as I am only interested in the figure.

Out of the box, it is a good looking toy.

I first know Black Rock Shooter from the vocaloid and subsequently I saw cosplayer cosplaying her. Only then it created a interest in regarding this character.

The toy comes with 3 facial expression and 2 pieces of exchangeable hair parts.

That two head pieces can change from a normal BRS..

to another version just like the anime.

This one-eye-blue-flame version actually sparked lot of "followers" especially in cosplay. However with regard in the character, I wonder how did she get those scar on her tummy... through fights?

As for weapons, BRS come with a Big Cannon and a sword.

The big cannon originally look impressive but when I try posing it with the toy, I faced with much difficulties. Another example of somethings just work on drawing and not the physical world.

The sword on the other hand was very handy!

The toys also come with two metal chains. Yes, when I say it's metal, it's the real deal. Heavy and prone to rust. There are good to use it as in the trailer to chain her up.

Please don't think of anything Hentai alright? I was just following the trailer. :)

End of the day, BRS will break FREE and her vengeance know no bound. It's kinda like Kill Bill thingy. :)

And just when you think no one will dare to provoke her, Ironman came along to grab the Cannon as it is handy for him.

Well it was my fault as the Cannon remind me of Ironman doing the proton cannon in Capcom Marvel vs Capcom series in the Arcade. Don't you agree? :P

Overall I have a fair share of joy and disappointment with this toy. Joy was that the figure look great with chains, sword and nice faces and hair. Disappointment has to do with the Big Cannon that I can do any decent pose with it.

Thankfully, she look good with the sword than the cannon.

I know there are many who got this toy. However I can't say much on her nemesis toy though. Now I just need to find time to watch the DVD that come with the toy... :)

For those who can't get enough of BRS figma review, here are some friends review of it.


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