Son Gohan Super Saiyan S.H.Figuarts

Since the last Super Saiyan Gokun review,  here is the second S.H.figuarts that I got recently. Son Gohan in Super Saiyan mode.

I was very much captivated by the number of articulation in this series printed at the back of the box.

For Gohan, they were generous to give many faces.

This figure comes with Piccolo coat. It was the first and only time Gohan get to dress like Piccolo on this deciding battle he faced with Cell.

A smart looking piece that is true to the Manga.

A father and son Portrait from Dragonball S.H.Figuarts which Gohan was the normal looking Super Saiyan form. That was the kind of training standard that Gokun come out with in preparation of the battle with Cell.

Due to the fact that Gohan was a mixed bleed between Saiyan and human race, he was more superior when emotion come into play.

Gokun knew that well to place his bet on his son. However for a peace nature boy like Gohan, he choose peace and compassion whenever he can. Even to the extend showing mercy to Cell, his enemy.

That cost the suffering on many and finally at the cost of the life of his father, Gohan finally burst into fury and show no mercy.

The final blow was a Kamehameha with Gokun in spirit to blast every single cell to non existence.

This is the best Gohan figure I have seen to date as it has the likeness in the Anime and Manga. This version marked the peak of his role as the main limelight in Dragonball series. After that battle, the main battle and focus will shift back to Gokun. Maybe Gohan wanted to have live peaceful life as a scholar. You can't blame him as he is only half Saiyan. :)


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