Enterbay Feng Yun 风云 Wind 聂风

Another lead character in the HongKong comic Feng Yun 风云 beside Bu Jing Yun 步驚云 is Nie Feng 聂风. Since these two heroes are together, of course I have to get the two of them from the Enterbay AM series.

If I have to choose in term of characters in this comic series, I like this character Nie Feng a little better as he has more of a humane side. No doubt people who didn't read the comic and saw him with one eye pad will link him as being pirates but that is not the case.

The packaging is in contrast of Bu Jingyun who used a black packaging while Nie Feng is in white. Yes kinda like the Chinese Ying Yang thingy.

The packaging is design for Mint in Seal boxes collectors to see the figure and at the same time wonderful box art.

Time to Open the TOy!

This figure comes with 3 pair of hands but none that I will really bother to change as all of them look kind of the same of clinching fists. The figure comes with his signature saber from the lineage heirloom of Nie. The Icy saber 雪饮刀.

The figure on the whole look very handsome and in line with the comic version. A well done by Enterbay.

A close up to his handsome looks with his long smooth flowing hair which is great for hair shampoo advertisement.

Unlike Bu JingYun who master as using hands, Nie Feng skills is more major to his Wind God leg attack, 风神腿.

He also has an ability to use his Ki to be "float" around like the wind.

Now more on his heirloom saber which is very accurate as in the comic.

Nie Feng look great with the saber with any articulation.

Too bad it doesn't have the Icy effect like in the comic.

Finally the two heroes of Feng Yun coming together.

It was said when these two combine together, they are unbeatable. Somehow their moves will be in sync with each other creating even more deadly move a.k.a 摩坷无量!

I am satisfied now to have these two 6.5" toys of this Kungfu Hong Kong comic I like in my toy collections.

Are you a fan of this comic? It was a big hit that they made two Hong Kong movies named "Storm Riders" or "Storm Warriors".

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