Pokémon Apokélypse

Have you ever wonder how Pokemon will be as Live action for Pokemon?

*Maybe a LIVE concert someday too.

Well here’s a fan based version of the trailer and look like they are taking it seriously.

It seems like Ash and friends are all grown up. Actually I won’t recognize Ash if he was not wearing that cap. Team Rockets on the other hand never age! I think I will stop the commenting on the human actor before I got carry away toward some direction.

As for the Pokemon, it is good to see them how they will look like if they are produced in real life. That will keep you at bay to stick back to Anime ya?

However I have to comment on the mature CG effect and following close to pokemon design from the anime.

Overall I find the title fits this production. Apocalypse is the word. :)

For those who are in shock, here's another video of Pikachu and gang doing the haruhi dance to cheer you up with their cuteness.

I hope you are feeling better now. :)


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