Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2010

I have attended Gundam Fiesta today and here are what's happening at Compass point Singapore from the 1 September to 13 September 2010.

The entrance of Gundam Fiesta 2010

You will get to see the Evolution of RX78-2 over the 30 years span

Up to date is the 30th Anniversary HG Rx78-2

and the SD version which look cute with back drop...too bad it was not assembled...

I saw HG ANA Rx78-2 Limited edition which only available on the in bound flight in Japan...can see but cannot own...:(

Box art of the coming kit. This is the third installment in the MG Musha Gundam series!
PG Gundam Astray Red Frame Syougun ver by Bandai Hobby Center

Not forgetting the 1:1 Zaku weapon

3 PG kit by Leon Ku

HG ball which will be releasing this September.

Beginner Gundam also make it's own appearance.

The winners of the previous contest are on display too. 1st Price was given to Toymaker.

I think this is a custom kit...Guan Yu by Leon Ku (not me, another Leon).

One of the highlight, the 1:1 Gundam Hand!

while some of the guys highlight are these

closer shot for fan service...

More updates are actually for Sangokuden series. You will have battle cards. Here are some of the rares.

Gashapon war scene

This is actual weapon toys for kids to play with!

Here's some limited edition...

There's a big diorama war scene for Sangokuden but my camera can't seems to take the whole epic battle. so here are some glimpse of it.

There are more of the display which can view over at my facebook page album.

You can view a video walkthru by me at the preview event Sorry for the poor quality as it is a limitation over the air.

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All this pictures and video are nothing compare to going down and see for yourself to experience the atmosphere. If you are a Gundam fan in Singapore, this event you just can't miss!

If you want to know what happened in last year Gundam Fiesta, it can be found here.


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