Dengeki Hobby 1/144 White Base MS Hangar

On the September Dengeki Hobby Magazine Japan edition, a exclusive model kit that bundle with it got me started. It was a 1/144 White Base MS Hangar which is ideal for Real Grade Gundam and thanks to a friend of mine who secured a order for me.

Yes, I got this specially for my Real Grade Gundam?

It's a simple kit but it has good design and details.

Here's my RG Gundam without decal yet. :P

Within a couple of minutes, the White Base was all done.

Time for my RG Gundam to be a "Bed Test" subject.

The white base can be lower to an angle.

It uses to movable joints to make it flexible and steady at the same time. With proper coloring, this could be a good base.

It was said that this base can be modify to be a handphone holder and with more modification, it can be a iPhone charger too but that's for Apple fans, This is GUNDAMMMMMMMMM!

One thing I don't get it, why is there an opening at the middle of the white base?

Anyone want to try answer this question? Don't be shy, just comment as long as it make sense for the fun of it. :)


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