Rodimus Transformers Animated TakaraTomy

I have not do much review on Transformers Animated line for a long time. Reason was there were not on sale at retail in Singapore for this toy line. But thanks to TakaraTomy, we have a chance to collect some of those figures.

One of them, Rodimus.

TakaraTomy packaging is mainly red in color and with more details of photos of the toys.

It is well known the TakaraTomy have better coloring for figures. Although with paint, it may happen to have paint chips but on the whole in presentation, it is still a good to have. For Rodimus, he was given a metallic tone looks which look really cool as a sport car.

The details of the color tone is great. I particularity like the blueish wind screen.

In terms of accessories, Rodimus have a bow with 2 projectile missile which is fun to play with.

The bow can be fitted on top of the vehicle mode to make Rodimus look deadly.

For Transformation, it quite straight forward.

In Robot mode, Rodimus is a handsome figure just like in Transformers animated.

I couldn't really get the weapon fitted firmly on Rodimus tho.

A closed up on Rodimus, he look more mature than he was in G1.

On the whole, this version of Rodimus stay true to the G1 version but a little twist on the look of the face. The color was great. However, the color tone remind me of Ironman in robot mode... Am I the only one who feel this way?

What about you? What do you think?


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