30 October 2016

Bandai Model Kit Fair 2016 Singapore

From 1st to 13th of November 2016 if you are in Singapore, you may like to know there will be Bandai Model kit fair at NEX Atrium

Here are the following offers from tomorrow 1st to 13th of November 2016

Quite a lot of offer especially for Yokai watch and One piece model kit.

See you at NEX during those period.

29 October 2016

Marvel Spider-man Legends Infinite Series Anti-Venom

Today I am going to review a toy which I gotten sometime ago in the Hasbro Marvel Spider-man Legends Infinite series, Anti-Venom.

Anti-Venom basically on the outlook seems like Venom but in alternate color theme as White base and black stripes. However in the story, it story and character are totally different from Venom.

It is also symbiote in nature but it has healing powers that differ from the Venom symbiote. It actually produced antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any other impurities within a human body.

This symbiote is being control by the host instead of it controlling the host.

The figure look amazing with the character having bigger arms and longer fingers.

The character design was amazing and good looking.

In the story, Anti-venom have the ability to Camouflage and the suit cases Spider-Man's Spider Sense to lose it effect when it attack.

In the story, Anti-Venom was suppose to cure people from Spider-man disease.

Anti-Venom hold the key to cure man of that disease but by doing so Anti-venom will be no more. However the people gotten what they want.

It is kind of sad to see the Anti-Venom go but for once he is being a hero rather than a Villain.

If you are Spider-man fan, Anti-venom would be one of the character you got to have.

27 October 2016

LEGO Ideas Stitch

So there is a LEGO ideas that someone is proposing Stitch a Disney popular character and it do look good!

This Stitch would be 7" tall with 13 points of articulation.

You can make the expression of Stitch just by moving his ears and mouth that can open or close.

You can even balance it upside down

Also can make Stitch crawling on his all fours....

I have to say this is a good idea and quite well made.

You can support the idea here

25 October 2016

Coming Japan 7-11 Exclusive 2016 Gundam

If you are in Japan, there will be list of Gundam exclusive at 7-11 convenient store in Japan!

Here are some of those 7-11 exclusive starting from 18th November to 18th of December 2016 in Japan.

HGCE Freedom Gundam Gold injection 7-11 exclusive will be selling on 18 Nov 2016 at 2,000 Yen

You can go into any Japan 7-11 to try to buy it from there!

HGPG 1/144 Petit’gguy Set 7-11 Color will be selling hot while stock last at 1,080Yen

If you are into bigger model kit, there will be pre-order open during those period for Prefect Grade Gundam

PG 1/60 Gundam Astray Green Frame 7-11 Color 30,000Yen

PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam 7-11 Color 30,000Yen

The above PG will be only release for collection in March 2017 but you can place your pre-order in their store during 18th November to 18th of December 2016.

22 October 2016

Visit Ultraman shop at Tokyo Station

Ever thinking if there will be any shop that sell only Ultraman stuff? If there will be such a place it would be in Japan. That is true as there is one in Tokyo Station!

This shop sell nothing but Ultraman related stuff!!

In the shop front you will see a human size Ultraman with eyes lighted up!

There are candies and snacks of various kind with Ultraman theme for you too choose from.

There are various toys of Ultraman such as the gun and flying Ultraman

There are accessories like cap, bags and jackets in SD Ultraman theme.

There are even Kids cosplay costume and towel! Imagine I have such thing as a kid I would be the luckiest kid alive.

Expect to find lots of soft vinyl Ultraman figure and their kaiju.

Also calendar and paper bag

For model kit lover you get to purchase some of the vehicle in Ultraman series by Bandai in that shop.

Since you are at Japan, there are Japanese theme plate of Ultraman which look pretty cool!

There are good looking fashion bag and badges to show your love for Ultraman

Not forgetting good looking street fashion T-shirt for Ultraman theme

For Gentlemen  there are necktie of Ultraman design and akso Perfume! Yes it is true tho I do not know how Ultraman should smell like but I hope it last longer than 3 minutes before the light blink. LOL

Last but not lease I saw something that I remember from my childhood. A calendar with vintage episode of Ultraman and Ultram Seven! That really bring back some fond memories when I saw that in Bahasa Malayu (although I don't understand the language but it kept me watching the whole episode then).

So if you are an Ultraman fan and you head to Japan Tokyo, take train to Tokyo Station go outside the station and look for this Ultraman shop in the basement. 

19 October 2016

BANDAI Chogokin GX-71 Voltron Coming

Voltron lovers please stand by on December 2016 as Bandai will be rolling out it's Chogokin line of Voltron!
Here are some of the preview photos and it look awesome!!

Let's look at the each Lion first with it's weapons. First the Black.

Next both of the Arms the Red and Green Lions.

Finally the Legs which is Blue and Yellow Lions.

Group photo of the Lion mode and you can see the scale different.

When you combine them, you can get the Robot mode Voltron which stand at 27cm!

There is a given weapon rack to hold the weapon in case you just want to display them in Lion mode.

Here will be what it comes with it in the package. 

If you are into diecast and chromes, these will be the best for your collections!

This Chogokin (超合金魂) will be released in December 2016 with the listed price of 30,000 Yen.

17 October 2016

MOC LEGO G1 Transformers Grimlock

I instantly felt in love with this MOC of LEGO by Sam Cheng.

This is a kinda BB / SD / Chibi version of the Dino mode!

The back of the details was good as well with moveable arms, legs and tail.

If you are wondering about the scale, here is a comparison with a LEGO T-Rex and minifigure.

Wait there is more! It comes with light in his mouth to breath FIRE!!

It get more awesome when it transform into Robot mode!

The detail like a custom Autobot stickers and original golden chrome rings make it stand out!

You can change the eye visor color to be angry mode.

or give him a crown as a King! Yes Grimlock is KING!!

In Bot mode he comes with his weapon just like the G1.

Personally I am very impressed by Sam creation of this version of Grimlock!

You can view more in high res at Sam account

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