TakaraTomy Pikachu Pokemon

Just last few weeks, TakaraTomy has release a series of diecast Pokemon (aka Takara Tomy Metacolle Metal Figure Pokemon). Of course that got me curious if this series actually work. So I bought one to review. Between Pikachu, Snorlax and Charlizard, I choose Pikachu of course!!

The top of the box shows a good look of Pikachu head shot.

While the side of the box very much show a full body shot of Pikachu and the status of Pikachu that has a height of 0.4 meter and weight 6 Kg.

The back of the box shows writing of this toy is for children age 3 or up.

Time to open the toy!!

So here is Pikachu, This version have a serious angry look.

Originally thought I saw the head look like it can articulated but in reality it is stuck as the tail is seal to it.

For the tail on first look it seems it is not painted but later I realised that is Iron tail Technic of Pikachu. The tail is actually a diecast part of this figure while the rest are very much plastic.

The articulated parts are only his two hands and nothing more.

Overall Pikachu is heavy and it has a great sense of balance as it is not easily topple.

If you are a Pikachu fan, you got to get this Pikachu for your collection.

Do you like this Pikachu?


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