Hasbro Starwars Rouge One Coming

We are closing in to Starwars Rogue One releasing in theaters. Here are some of Hasbro Starwars toys for Rogue One.

First here's the 3.75"  figures

Some of the twin figure set.

 Jyn Erso and K-2SO

Imperial Ground Crew and Imperial Stormtroopers...

Some of the vehicle playset TIE Striker Vehicle With TIE Pilot

Rebel U-Wing Fighter With Cassian Andor

Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT Playset

Nerf will be having some blasters for Rouge One as well.

A Deathstar set will be for Micro machine line for Starwars fan.

These figures should be out in Fall 2016 which is about now depend on your region.


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