MOC LEGO G1 Transformers Grimlock

I instantly felt in love with this MOC of LEGO by Sam Cheng.

This is a kinda BB / SD / Chibi version of the Dino mode!

The back of the details was good as well with moveable arms, legs and tail.

If you are wondering about the scale, here is a comparison with a LEGO T-Rex and minifigure.

Wait there is more! It comes with light in his mouth to breath FIRE!!

It get more awesome when it transform into Robot mode!

The detail like a custom Autobot stickers and original golden chrome rings make it stand out!

You can change the eye visor color to be angry mode.

or give him a crown as a King! Yes Grimlock is KING!!

In Bot mode he comes with his weapon just like the G1.

Personally I am very impressed by Sam creation of this version of Grimlock!

You can view more in high res at Sam account


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