Marvel Spider-man Legends Infinite Series Anti-Venom

Today I am going to review a toy which I gotten sometime ago in the Hasbro Marvel Spider-man Legends Infinite series, Anti-Venom.

Anti-Venom basically on the outlook seems like Venom but in alternate color theme as White base and black stripes. However in the story, it story and character are totally different from Venom.

Time to Open the Toy!

It is also symbiote in nature but it has healing powers that differ from the Venom symbiote. It actually produced antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any other impurities within a human body.

Personally I love how the face of Anti-Venom look.

This symbiote is being control by the host instead of it controlling the host.

The figure look amazing with the character having bigger arms and longer fingers.

The character design was amazing and good looking.

In the story, Anti-venom have the ability to Camouflage and the suit cases Spider-Man's Spider Sense to lose it effect when it attack.

In the story, Anti-Venom was suppose to cure people from Spider-man disease.

Anti-Venom hold the key to cure man of that disease but by doing so Anti-venom will be no more. However the people gotten what they want.

It is kind of sad to see the Anti-Venom go but for once he is being a hero rather than a Villain.

If you are Spider-man fan, Anti-venom would be one of the character you got to have.


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