LEGO Minifigures Series 16 Mother & Child

Finally it is time to get back on LEGO minifigures review on the series 16 and this time is one that I love. The Mother and Child. Okay this case it is a LEGO Baby!

This is the first time I see a Baby LEGO figure that come with moving parts and the only accessory it has is a milk bottle.

You can pose them to be bottle feed the Baby like this...

You can also burp the baby after feeding!

Many said that being a Mother is a thankless job and I think it would be fitting to give her a crown for that. Yep you can put the Ice queen's crown on her.

That if the Ice Queen allow that to happen or not. Hehehe.

If you asked any Mother, generally they are alright to not get much reward as their greatest reward is to take care and provide the best to their baby.

I certainly love this set of the figure although the mother remind me very much of the Harley Quinn because of her hair style.

This is one good figure to get! Do you agree?


Alphonse said…
*Spoiler Alert for Suicide Squad movie*

In the movie Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn's dream is to have a normal family with Joker. That scene is impactful telling us she is actually sane inside despite have done / committed all the criminal stuff with Joker.

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