Creator Works Series 1/20 Mechatro WeGo No.02 Orange

Today I am going to review my first ever WeGo here and it is a model kit version!

This come rather late since I know about this and only get to see in person the kit selling oversea.
When I saw it I know I have to get it since this is a 1/20th scale!

This from Creator Works Series the Chubu Mechantronics, 1/20 Mechatro WeGo No.02 "Orange"!

It was said that you do not need to paint and no glue is needed. Well the part where no glue is needed may not be correct as I will tell you why later.

Open up the box and there is a instruction sheet in color on one side and the other is black and white.

The color side show the color tone that if you want to paint, where and what color to paint.

Out of box, there are some runners in various color including chrome parts and transparent part as well.

There is a figure (none movable) and this figure need glue to fit the joints of the arms and head.

The arms consist of 4 parts that allow movement and the hands are claw like.

You can bend the elbow and open and close the claw.

The legs will be more complicated in parts but I love the shoes and the color of Orange and Cyan. The color really stand out.

The legs will have it movable joints as well from knees and feet.

The body start with the skeleton which rather simple but firm.

With the chrome parts, the whole joints from the side give a metal feel. Now I have to say I have not gone down in detail to sand off some parts but I will do so after this review as this is more like snap built as I need to get some other tools to do it. LOL

Now the body is just few pieces of plastic to be fitted on 2 joints. Little as it is, the holding was good enough!

There are movement option to allow the figure to stand it in to pilot the robot but it was not in photo as I need to glue him not to the robot but it's own joint.

At the back you can see the different color of the parts which is possible to remove to show some circuit board in it but I did not open that out on this photo.

Overall this is a rather easy built but should not be attempt by those who are new in model kit. The chrome part are quite brittle and although you do not need to paint, you still need to sand down some fine part.

I will do some sanding in time to remove some edges but till then this is my first WeGo model kit.

Do you like WeGo?


Unknown said…
Just ordered the orange and green. These are great looking kits. I want one in 1/1 scale haha. Nice review

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