Visit to Tokyo Station Pokémon Store

When you are in Tokyo Japan, one of the most convenient location to do some shopping of toys  would be the one just at Tokyo Train station at Basement 1. Here there are a couple of them all in one location. For the start, I will share with you the Pokémon Store.

You cannot missed it as you can always see the Big Pikachu there!

You will be seeing a lot of Pikachu in various cosplay there and too many to choose from.

One of the exclusive is the Pikachu dressing as train station uniform as we are at Tokyo Station.

You can see Tokyo Station on his uniform.

During the same period Pikachu also dress up as 6 villain group in the history of Pokémon game history.

There are even blind packed shirt which are free size for you to try your luck to see which shirt did you get. If you like Team Rocket, then you can buy the Jacket with a Red R. LOL

Talking a Team Rocket, there are various accessories in that team for you to buy (most are toward gentlemen).

Of course there are all not Pikachu, there are others Pokémon to choose from in them of soft toys.

If you plan to visit to buy something back for friends, you can consider to buy snack that are Pokémon theme such as this Pika biscuits.

If you owned a 3DS, these game cartridge holder will be of much use to hold all your 3DS up to 16 slots.

You can buy some badges of your favourite Pokémon

As it was near Halloween, a Halloween cup was there selling.

Need a bag to shop? You can consider buying these classic looking environment friendly bag....

They look very cute too!!

As we are near to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon game, the store also started selling the Pokémon in the game as such Pokémon  Sun

and Pokémon Moon.

Not forgetting the first form of the 3 starter for you to pick...

There is a promotion if you get the game as pre-order in the store you will get an exclusive....

If you order Pokémon Sun you get a Pokémon Sun figure and if you order Pokémon Moon you will get the Pokémon  Moon figure. Both look awesome!!

If you plan to visit the store opening hour is from 10AM to 830PM

Add this in your visit list in Tokyo. I will be sharing more on other toys shop later.


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