BANDAI Chogokin GX-71 Voltron Coming

Voltron lovers please stand by on December 2016 as Bandai will be rolling out it's Chogokin line of Voltron!

Here are some of the preview photos and it look awesome!!

Let's look at the each Lion first with it's weapons. First the Black.

Next both of the Arms the Red and Green Lions.

Finally the Legs which is Blue and Yellow Lions.

Group photo of the Lion mode and you can see the scale different.

When you combine them, you can get the Robot mode Voltron which stand at 27cm!

There is a given weapon rack to hold the weapon in case you just want to display them in Lion mode.

Here will be what it comes with it in the package. 

If you are into diecast and chromes, these will be the best for your collections!

This Chogokin (超合金魂) will be released in December 2016 with the listed price of 30,000 Yen.


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