29 June 2013

Hello Kitty Singing Bone Craze in Singapore

I guess much of my readers would want to see Singing Bones review but I was one of many who did not managed to get Singing bones Hello Kitty as it was sold out. Even friends who suppose to help me to get one also failed in their attempt. .

Personally I do not feel very much disappointment for not able to get this Hello kitty...maybe just a little because the blog post would be incomplete for review of the whole series. Nonetheless I will not be crazy enough to pay higher price just to encourage and condones what the secondary reseller or scalpers are doing is correct.

All I can say that this Singing Bones Hello Kitty show some true colours of Singaporeans.

On one hand you can see the determination and drive of some Singapore queuing up in mid night at some McDonald's outlets. On the other hands you also see how some of them react when there are some difficulties. The reaction was shown on national TV news too.

Shortly after the kitty was out of stock, you can see many selling online and selling at some ridiculous prices.

Although some of the bids are likely to be faked, many of them are selling more than few times of the actual selling prices.

As the news goes on, some social media friends spread that you could buy the same Kitty on some China sites for a faction of the price. All I have to say is if you really want to get one, maybe that could be an alternative but personally I do not encourage this as you never know how real is the toy and even if you get an original so what? For all you know, those that are on auction now could be the same stock not from McDonald.

When this series of Fairy tales Hello Kitty series begin, I have already made peace not to be crazy to go to pay much more on the secondary market for those if I happen to miss.

The reason is simple. If we do bend to secondary market, more people will join in to be that secondary market and lesser the chances to get one. If we do stop buying, these secondary market will have to keep that stock and suffer the lost. It is likely most of these secondary market are people who are not doing this full time.

Now if you still want to hunt for this Hello Kitty or anyone in the Fairy tales series in Singapore, then maybe you would want to know in November Malaysia McDonald will be doing the same series. So if you are still keen as a genuine Hello Kitty lover and not those who just hop on the tide, then you may want to wait till in November to travel to Malaysia to get those Hello Kitty which you missed out on.

26 June 2013

Despicable Me 2 Toys

Despicable Me 2 movie is in town and I am glad to see some the toys in Australia which I am currently visiting.

Here are some of the awesome toys of Despicable me 2.and lets start with the smallest scale which you can get some Minion that is shorter than 3.75". They are currently selling AUD$9.90 on that.

For the main character, you will get GRU in 5" figure selling at AUD$29.90

Two Minions of that scale which has moveable eyes and mouth when you press the button on the tummy..

Each of them has their own accessory of weapon as play.

For girls market, you have plush of the little girl Agnes around 5 inches in scale.

If you like Minion a lot, you can get the bigger scale (close to 1:1 scale) which they have lot of phases from the movie and boy they are really cute but if you listen a long time can be annoying..

The skin are more to rubbery or silicon and they offer more articulation.  .

Basically what sell is the Minions and I am sure many would like to get one of these or two to play. I don't mind to get some but I have luggage space issue. Sigh...

22 June 2013


I always like the translucent Android and now there are more than enough for what we can get!

Start your summer off right with this double decker rainbow set of translucent Android mini collectibles! Includes 10 different figures in a beautiful magnetic clasp box that also serves as a flip-open display. The heads can be removed and their bodies used to store or display other items!

It will be on sales at certain retails and in the Dead Zebra Shop June 11th at 11am EDT.

PS: These are the mini ones.

20 June 2013

Ugly Duckling McDonald Hello Kitty

As the PSI rises in Singapore (That does not mean we are not concern or unhappy about what has happen that the haze come to Singapore), that doesn't hit on Singaporean love for Hello kitty. A new day that release the fourth plushes, The Ugly Duckling from Fairytales series Hello Kitty promotion.

The story begin again is printed at the back of the package.

The theme of the box is a sky blue which look quite cool. I would think it was yellow since it is Duckling.

Time to Open the Toy!

Peek-a-boo of the Duckling. Lovely eyes and smile.

This is a special Hello Kitty as it is not white but yellowish. Personally I love the cute bow tie and the big orange buttons..

Focus on the Duckling head again. The cute hair on the top.

Side view of the hair Somehow the ribbon at this angle look like the duck beak .

The back of the Duckling is pretty plain but no one is complaining.

At the left foot, the golden arc of McDonalds.

This Duckling give a impression of school uniform for kindergarten and it sure cute.

You may remove the hood to be a true Kitty.

If you must know, the story does not end here as there was a grown up Duckling to the beautiful swan. However it was never made into a soft toy. So sad right?

As much as this kitty cheer up some of Singaporean today, that does not mean we are not worry or upset of the haze level in Singapore as it reaches 300 plus today... This is really not our doing but why are we suffering for it?!

We just can hope for a better tomorrow...

18 June 2013

Vampire Mistress Playmobil

Vampire has always fascinated me and it not often we see female Vampire toy from Playmobil. For sure I got to get one.

So here she is, before she was a young innocent girl. All she want was a party and fun.

She was young and damned. Dress in rich dress and a noble taste.

I know not of her history behind turning to a vampire but for sure she was bitten off her will. A monster she will be.

As a playmobil, she did not have a scary face as it is still a child toy.

Here how the magic happen. The switching of two faces on one head.

This is indeed a special playmobil figure. I am glad to have her in my collection.

Now her offer of immortal life to you.

Will you take it?

15 June 2013

Manga Bird on Windows 8

I have recently updated my PC and change to a Windows 8 Pro. It is another learning curve for me as the OS has many new feature and new ways to handle stuff. One of the main feature is the Metro interface where you install Apps pretty much like mobile Apps.

As I have friends who hop over the new OS earlier than me, they given me some pointer of what APPS to download and I have found one that I want to share with you guys who love reading Manga. That APPS is Manga Bird.

To install this App you need to go into STORE in Metro mode. From there look for the Apps name in Search. The App is FREE!!

When you launched the App, you will see the whole Library of Manga you ever wanted to find.

As many who are fans of Danboard and Yotsuba, now you can read the whole Manga series in English!

I went for old school and saw CityHunter too!

Then I remember He is my Master.

Then I recall one of my favourite sport comic, Slam Dunk and it is there! I can have an option to mark as my favorite so that I can come back to read the series.

The viewing of Manga is simple, you just click on the chapter on the right and it will load the pages. You can also bookmark the chapter and pages you are reading and come back to read later.

As for me, I am currently reading Claymore which I saw the Anime years back but it stopped half way and it is time for me to read the Manga as it continues.

There are other titles like Dragonball, Vintage Kamen Rider and other Famous Manga. If you are using windows 8, go ahead and install that Apps and start reading Manga again. That certainly help me as collectors I have space constraint for storage. With Ebook or Online viewing we have no issue.

Please like or share this articles to your friends who love Manga and using Windows 8. :)

13 June 2013

Frog Prince McDonald Hello Kitty

We are in the mid of McDonald Hello kitty craze in Singapore and this week it is the Frog Prince from Hello Kitty Fairy tales.

The story begin with...

The whole of this box when open you get to see lot of Green.

Out of the box, the Frog Prince look cute with the necking of a crown. To me this look very baby like.

The back of the Frog look pretty plain to me and nothing really special.

On close up, the eyes of the Frog was outline and done by sewing threads. It is a happy frog.

As the story goes, the magic happen when you give him a kiss.

Once it is kissed, it become a Prince Kitty! Say Hello to Hello Kitty.

Well here is a kinda Easter egg, as with the frog hood, you can do a wrink

and a sleep mode. LOL

Okay that's all the fun it can get.

12 June 2013

Toy Universe @ Takashimaya Square Singapore

It's the Great Singapore Sales again at like previous year there is a Toy Universe sales at the basement area of Takashimaya Square Singapore.

First off, there are Model kits and this year LBX has quite a floor space at the corner of the area.

There even display of the LBX model kits.

How can we forget Gundam model kits or Gunpla? This year they have 4 display of the Mobile Suits.

Back to back between HG and MG scales.

Since it is GSS, all model kits are having 20% discount!

There are special offer if you get HGUC 1/144 Banshee.

If you are a fan of the Tiger and Bunny Anime, the MG of both Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks having a good discount.

Not forgetting the Pokémon Model kit.

If you are familiar with the sales like last year, there is still a corner for $10 capsule toys. You just fill as much as you want in a plastic bag and just pay for $10.

Pixar Monster University is showing in cinema in Singapore and the toys are also on Sales.

Hasbro Iron Man 3 toys

Nerf fans will be glad to know there are some great bargain!

Not forgetting the Transformers Prime series.

Just look at the offers

Lego Chima also have a couple of items on discount!

And the new Ben10 series

There are a couple of Playmobil play set on discount too like this castle.

At the other end the Thundercats 2012 toys are on sales with great discount.

I should have waiting to get Lion-o...

There are some rare trading Japanese figures like EVA, Power Ranger and also the Kamen Riders.

Since Man of Steel is showing, there is a section just for all things Superman.

There are some cool Smurfs toys too and they are play set!

Finally years of waiting now you get the mushroom house for Smurfs!!

Not forgetting there are plushies of Smurf too!

There was a big poster of Global Smurfs day on 22 June 2013 which celebrate the Birthday of Peyo, the Creator of the Smurfs. The Smurf 2 movie will be releasing 7 August.

This should give you some expectation of the Toy Universe event from now till 30 June 2013.

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