Ugly Duckling McDonald Hello Kitty

As the PSI rises in Singapore (That does not mean we are not concern or unhappy about what has happen that the haze come to Singapore), that doesn't hit on Singaporean love for Hello kitty. A new day that release the fourth plushes, The Ugly Duckling from Fairytales series Hello Kitty promotion.

The story begin again is printed at the back of the package.

The theme of the box is a sky blue which look quite cool. I would think it was yellow since it is Duckling.

Time to Open the Toy!

Peek-a-boo of the Duckling. Lovely eyes and smile.

This is a special Hello Kitty as it is not white but yellowish. Personally I love the cute bow tie and the big orange buttons..

Focus on the Duckling head again. The cute hair on the top.
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Side view of the hair Somehow the ribbon at this angle look like the duck beak .

The back of the Duckling is pretty plain but no one is complaining.

At the left foot, the golden arc of McDonalds.

This Duckling give a impression of school uniform for kindergarten and it sure cute.

You may remove the hood to be a true Kitty.

If you must know, the story does not end here as there was a grown up Duckling to the beautiful swan. However it was never made into a soft toy. So sad right?

As much as this kitty cheer up some of Singaporean today, that does not mean we are not worry or upset of the haze level in Singapore as it reaches 300 plus today... This is really not our doing but why are we suffering for it?!

We just can hope for a better tomorrow...


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