Hasbro Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask

I still cannot get over Iron Man 3 being the best Iron Man movie series.I love the ranges of Iron Man suits especially the helmet. Today I am going to review Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask from Hasbro and see how fun the factor will be for kids and also certain collectors.

Now this Mask was design for children 5 years and up and it is packed with lots of fun and cool feature like
Targetting Light Effect and 4 launching of missiles.

It will also randomly play sound effect when activated with cool voices of Iron Man or the computer Jarvis

If you see the product still in packing, you just need to press the button on the side and you will see the cool blue lightning effect on the helmet and special effect sound will be played.

If you are in a dark room, you will see the Target lightning that can shine on near by object. If you are in a very dark room, this projection will be greater simulating targeting system. Super cool.

Let's talk about the look on this Iron Man Mask. Out of packing, the painting although basic coated with Gold on certain parts, it already gave a good Iron Man feel of how the helmet would be.

From the side, you will notice that it cover more than 50 percent of the side giving a define jaw line of Iron Man helmet.

I have to point out that I love the front design of the Instruction manual. Somehow the design look rather Retro to me.

The weight of the mask to me is just nice and Hasbro was thoughtful to add in rubber cushions for forehead and nose to allow good resting cushion for the wearer which is mainly kids. .

The straps are soft yet does that job to hold the Mask comfortably on the face. As kids will lightly to wear quite a long period of time and there are air ventilation through the Mask. There are clear instruction on how to adjust the Mask properly too.

You know what? I was able to fit in this Mask due to my small structure but it is barely able to fit in. I just want to look cool. LOL

Yes I activated the light effect when the above photo was taken. Cool right?

If you are wondering where the batteries was stored and how to change the batteries if you have to, there are clear instruction in the manual too. The batteries were included in this Mask but if you need to replace you have to get 3 AAA batteries.

For the Missiles action, you can load 2 Missiles on each side and they will fire 2 Missiles on each side depending which side you want to active it.

For activation, just press the button on the side

As a collector, this Mask is good enough for display purposes.

but for kids like my son, it is a super gadget that will transform him as Iron Man! He love the action and the lights.

* Yes the Mask is still too big for him but he like it. Don't worry I am supervising it. LOL

Who am I kidding. I love the lights effect too. LOL

I will be reviewing some of the Iron Man 3 toys from Hasbro later. So stay tune!

PS: Sorry I get carry away for cam whoring. I usually do not cam whore. But when I do, I am Iron Man! :P


Unknown said…
How can I get replacement missiles?
LEon said…
@Doug you may try email Hasbro in your area but since this product is out quite sometime, it maybe difficult to get replacement.

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