Playmobil Tattoos Warrior

I have been trying hard to get this Tattoo Warrior and after some tries, I finally got him.

He has tattoos all over his upper body and not just any tattoos but a scorpion.

There are reason why Warrior has tattoos. Some for good luck, decoration or an indication if he happen to be slides up into various parts in battle so if he happen to perish, his friends can recognize him by the parts.

Looking at the dressing and his sword, I would think he could be a warrior in Asia.

Even the Tattoos was on his top skull.

The sword can be placed on the sheath on his belt. Now he has time to do his own stuff.

This is one of the unique figure as it has for him to wear the big ear rings.

Here is how this Playmobil happen to be discovered. Three simple steps..

Now my Playmobil has one more Bald head warrior. Just look at my Bald Head Gang.

You may laugh at them being bald at your own risk. :P


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