Despicable Me 2 Toys

Despicable Me 2 movie is in town and I am glad to see some the toys in Australia which I am currently visiting.

Here are some of the awesome toys of Despicable me 2.and lets start with the smallest scale which you can get some Minion that is shorter than 3.75". They are currently selling AUD$9.90 on that.

For the main character, you will get GRU in 5" figure selling at AUD$29.90

Two Minions of that scale which has moveable eyes and mouth when you press the button on the tummy..

Each of them has their own accessory of weapon as play.

For girls market, you have plush of the little girl Agnes around 5 inches in scale.

If you like Minion a lot, you can get the bigger scale (close to 1:1 scale) which they have lot of phases from the movie and boy they are really cute but if you listen a long time can be annoying..

The skin are more to rubbery or silicon and they offer more articulation.  .

Basically what sell is the Minions and I am sure many would like to get one of these or two to play. I don't mind to get some but I have luggage space issue. Sigh...


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