Little Red Riding Hood McDonalds Hello Kitty

It's another Thursday and it is time for another release of McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales series and this week is the Little Red Riding hood!

The story begin in the following...

Yes a Fair Tales story book as the packaging.

The theme is red and open the cover and you will see Little Red Riding Hood Hello Kitty!

There are some easter egg on the cover. Here is one of them. The Wolf marking at the lower corner of the packaging and around the circles as a pattern...

Wait! there is more. At the back of the package you will spot the Wolf Hello Kitty. Here! Apparently no plushes for this version but who would buy a Big Bad Wolf Hello Kitty? Well come to think of it, I may. Because I am bad. LOL

Enough talk. Now Open the Toy!!! Here is Hello kitty in sweet little riding hood.

The back of Red Riding Hood.

It is indoor so time to take off the hood and here she is.

You can see the tightness of the hood has kinda make a marking on her face.

At the back, you can see how big was the hood. In the voice of Red Riding hood herself would goes like this "Oh Red Riding hood, what big hood you have."

Here is my observation between the plush toy and the illustration. In the illustration you can see the hood has pointed end but the actual toy is rounded.

By the way, you can also lift up the cape like Dracula. LOL

Time to bring the Lion with the Little Red Riding Hood.
Apparently they both freak out each other for obvious reason of their background. LOL

That marks my review for this week Fairy Tale Hello Kitty from McDonalds. Stay tune for more next week!


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