Hello Kitty Singing Bone Craze in Singapore

I guess much of my readers would want to see Singing Bones review but I was one of many who did not managed to get Singing bones Hello Kitty as it was sold out. Even friends who suppose to help me to get one also failed in their attempt. .

Personally I do not feel very much disappointment for not able to get this Hello kitty...maybe just a little because the blog post would be incomplete for review of the whole series. Nonetheless I will not be crazy enough to pay higher price just to encourage and condones what the secondary reseller or scalpers are doing is correct.

All I can say that this Singing Bones Hello Kitty show some true colours of Singaporeans.

On one hand you can see the determination and drive of some Singapore queuing up in mid night at some McDonald's outlets. On the other hands you also see how some of them react when there are some difficulties. The reaction was shown on national TV news too.

Shortly after the kitty was out of stock, you can see many selling online and selling at some ridiculous prices.

Although some of the bids are likely to be faked, many of them are selling more than few times of the actual selling prices.

As the news goes on, some social media friends spread that you could buy the same Kitty on some China sites for a faction of the price. All I have to say is if you really want to get one, maybe that could be an alternative but personally I do not encourage this as you never know how real is the toy and even if you get an original so what? For all you know, those that are on auction now could be the same stock not from McDonald.

When this series of Fairy tales Hello Kitty series begin, I have already made peace not to be crazy to go to pay much more on the secondary market for those if I happen to miss.

The reason is simple. If we do bend to secondary market, more people will join in to be that secondary market and lesser the chances to get one. If we do stop buying, these secondary market will have to keep that stock and suffer the lost. It is likely most of these secondary market are people who are not doing this full time.

Now if you still want to hunt for this Hello Kitty or anyone in the Fairy tales series in Singapore, then maybe you would want to know in November Malaysia McDonald will be doing the same series. So if you are still keen as a genuine Hello Kitty lover and not those who just hop on the tide, then you may want to wait till in November to travel to Malaysia to get those Hello Kitty which you missed out on.


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