Toy Universe @ Takashimaya Square Singapore

It's the Great Singapore Sales again at like previous year there is a Toy Universe sales at the basement area of Takashimaya Square Singapore.

First off, there are Model kits and this year LBX has quite a floor space at the corner of the area.

How can we forget Gundam model kits or Gunpla? This year they have 4 display of the Mobile Suits.

Since it is GSS, all model kits are having 20% discount!

Not forgetting the Pokémon Model kit.

If you are familiar with the sales like last year, there is still a corner for $10 capsule toys. You just fill as much as you want in a plastic bag and just pay for $10.

Pixar Monster University is showing in cinema in Singapore and the toys are also on Sales.

Hasbro Iron Man 3 toys

Nerf fans will be glad to know there are some great bargain!

Not forgetting the Transformers Prime series that is 3 for $50!

Lego Chima also have a couple of items on discount!

And the new Ben10 series

There are a couple of Playmobil play set on discount too like this castle.

At the other end the Thundercats 2012 toys are on sales with great discount.

I should have waiting to get Lion-o...

There are some rare trading Japanese figures like EVA, Power Ranger and also the Kamen Riders.

Since Man of Steel is showing, there is a section just for all things Superman.

Finally years of waiting now you get the mushroom house for Smurfs!!

Not forgetting there are plushies of Smurf too!

There was a big poster of Global Smurfs day on 22 June 2013 which celebrate the Birthday of Peyo, the Creator of the Smurfs. The Smurf 2 movie will be releasing 7 August.

This should give you some expectation of the Toy Universe event from now till 30 June 2013.


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