Mattel Man of Steel Superman in Singapore

We are a week away from the latest Superman Man of Steel movie and the movies toys from Mattel has finally arrived in Singapore retails.

So Superman is suppose to be a great movie but how will toys from Mattel going to be from Mattel?

First of all there is the movie "accurate" version in 5" called the movie master and here is Superman going on Singapore retail at SGD$49.90.

A close up on the figure shows the facial accuracy is still that.Quite good but the pricing....

There are 3 main figures in the Movie Master line which is Superman, Jor-el (Actor Russel Crow) and General Zod the villain in this movie.

For the 3.75" it was price as S$22.90 on retail and in my memory, there isn't much toys from Mattel in this scale except Justice League. Not even Batman movie as toys in this scale.

Compare to Hasbro 3.75" like Starwars around S$19.90, Mattel is much more higher.

Okay price aside, what are the figures in this line going to be? Here are some I managed to see. General Zod in Shadow Assault suit. This look quite cool.

What about Superman? Well there are plenty of different Superman. Kryton Combat Superman in armor.

Auto Assault Superman that use Car door as a weapon....wait? Car door? The armor look rather cool tho.

Now this is something you don't see everyday. Superman in full Red. Wrecking Ball Superman. Now that is a better weapon than car door.

Then there is this Strike Shield Superman which is like Dungeon and Dragon ready.

Finally if you want to have a kinda movie accurate (the S logo color is different) on the 3.75", it is the Tread Attack Superman which you can fire the Tire to enemies. 

So Superman fans, the above are the offers from Mattel latest Man of Steel toyline.

I will wait out for the movie and cross my fingers that the movie will be good.


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