28 February 2017

LEGO BrickHeadz Coming

LEGO will be releasing a new line in March called the BrickHeadz series. Bascially it is characters built up with LEGO parts to have a BB or SD feel.

On the US retail it will be priced at USD $9.90 for each box and the characters include Marvel and DC characters.

On the plus point, all these bricks comes with printed deco (not stickers) on the bricks which is a valuable in my opinion.

The downside is that the design itself do not allow any articulation. I am pretty sure if you want that you can build it and certainly I see many will do some modification themselves.

LEGO also will be releasing Beauty and the Beast on BrickHeadz as well.

I don't know about you but I have a mixed feeling of this series. What do you think? Is it something you will be interested in?

If you are look out for them in your LEGO retail store!!

26 February 2017

Pokémon Moncolle EX EHP-06 Tapu Koko

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced many new Pokémon and one of those are the Guardians of Aloha region. One of the guardian deity is Tapu Koko of Melemele Island.

Tapu Koko is Electric/Fairy Pokémon. He come into the story when he follow Ash and give him a gift of the Z-ring. As the toy goes, it capture the likeness of Tapu Koko.

As the figure cannot stand on itself, the toy come with a yellow base just to make this figure stand for display.

Tapu Koko wear a mask and the mask is actually the wing shield that he carry on his side. When he put together it trigger the rooster ability to protect itself.

The toy it make the Mask fit together well with the character inside. Impressive.

Now let's have a close up on the face of Tapu Koko.

Here is a scale comparison between the toy Tapu koko and Mimikyu.

In the game, Tapu Koko is in level 60 and it is possible to catch it. Anyway I leave that to my kid who is playing that game.

By the way, this Tapu koko is his toy, not mine. LOL

25 February 2017

LEGO MOC Back to the future Delorean

Today we have a pleasure to feature a MOC of Back to the future Delorean by a Korean builder by HaeunDaddy 주지현 (Ji Hyun Joo).

What capture my attention are the details of the Delorean as I am a Back to the Future's fan and the details are amazing.  He also have create a base for his creation. Really Pro!

Firstly the doors would need to be open and he went a step further to make the car bonnet to be open too!

The back view detail was equally amazing!

As a fan, you would notice the detail of time machine as you can see the Trilogy details are all in this one car design.

Now that is all, the detail of the dashboard internally was crazy! Do note the photo below some part was remove just for you to see the dashboard and the flux capacitor! You can see more on the parts in his flickr page

Now the question you should be asking can this Delorean hover and fly? Where the wheels are fordable like the movie!!

HaeunDaddy actually uses 3800 pcs for the whole Delorean.

You can see more of HaeunDaddy creation on his flickr page in higher resolution.

Give this Back to the Future some love will you?

22 February 2017

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Coming

Following the coming Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 movie, LEGO will be releasing 3 of the boxset from the movie.

76079 Ravager Attack
This come in 197 pieces and with a comic book included

76080 Ayesha’s Revenge
This comes with 323 pieces and a comic book as well

76081 The Milano vs. The Abilisk
This is the biggest set of it all with 460 pieces and comic book included.  Do note this is the only set that comes with Baby Groot!!

18 February 2017

LEGO Alternate Built of Creator 31058

The value of a LEGO set to me remain in the ability the alternate built using that same set of LEGO parts.

For that today I have the pleasure to share with you guys some of the alternate built of the LEGO creator Set 31058 from various people and their creativity.

First is a set from Chubbybots

The missing link

His version of Mighty Dinosaurs

Dino aside, it can be a Dronebot

This is Tsang Tsz Cheung version of his Flying Dragon

And Cid Hsiao his Rhinoceros

These are done by 李清景

Finally the Insect Samurai by Philip Toy

Also the Green Monster by Philip To too

And it can also build Human too like what Gerald Cacas done.

These are all built and shared in a Mocer League on facebook

I am pretty sure there are more alternative built and all you need to do is explore. More of MOC or custom later!

16 February 2017

Pokémon MonColle EX EMC-19 Mimikyu

I am currently having a good time spending my time with my kid on Pokémon Sun and Moon and one of my favourite character in the series was Mimikyu.

Mimikyu has a origin which is a mystery. On one look you may think its a Pikachu toy but it's a dress Pokémon. It has nothing much of the ability of Pikachu as it is a Ghost /Fairy type. Although dress like a Pikachu, it has a burning hatred toward Pikachu.

Enough of the introduction, Time to Open The Toy!

This is a tiny display toy which have the exact look in the Anime. If you seen the Anime, you may know the head is just a deco as how Mimikyu see are the 2 hole in the stomach.

Here's how Mimikyu look from the side. Regardless it is much like a soft toy, it keep the detail to even having a tail.

At the bottom of this toy is the trademark of Nintendo and Pokémon from Tomy.

As I stated earlier, I purchase this figure because I love the character and there is a certain charm that attract me.

Are you affected by Mimikyu charm as well?

14 February 2017

PUTITTO Kirby Trade figures Coming

This month is a fun month for Kirby's fan as it will be releasing of the new PUTITTO Kirby Trade figures (PUTITTO 星のカービィ)

Each of the blind box would be selling at listed price of 300 YEN. There are 6 different cute Kirby design inside and here they are.

First Kirby the Cook!

The Carry heavy Apple Kirby

The Sleeping Kirby (so cute!)

The Hang loose (upside down) Kirby

The Running Dashing Kirby

And one of my favourite Kirby sitting on his Pop Star!!

Look out for it at your retail this month!!!

13 February 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures

I got these 3 blind pack of The LEGO Batman movie figures some week back and it is about time for me to do a review with a help of someone. Hehehe

To be honest I was not going for Batman in this minifigures tho...

With the pricing higher than the normal LEGO minifigures, I fear that the pricing will in time go much higher... What do you think?

12 February 2017

DX Yo-kai Gasha Gasha Machine Review

It's been sometime since I talk about Yo-kai watch and finally get to get the DX Yo-kai Gasha Gasha machine to have some fun with my kid.

I mean who don't want to have your own Gashaphon machine right?

In the Yo-kai watch story, it all begin with the boy found and insert a coin into the Gashapon machine...

That being said, this is not to scale to the actual Gasha machine in the Manga or Anime. The most is 1/3 I guess.

Anyway it's time to Open the Toy!!

Out of the box, the whole Gasha machine are just plain and not to mention really light in weight.

It comes with 9 x figurines and capsules and a Bakurobaa Yo-Kai Medal. It also comes with a stickers for you to paste but there are no former instruction. You have to figure out yourself... Do note tho, there will be extra stickers left for you to play around.

As for me I follow close to the photo on the box and here is what it look like.

To turn a capsule out, you need to insert a medal. Which medal you put does not matter as the capsule roll out are purely random.

Next keep on turning until a Yo-kai capsule fall out....

And I got a Whisper!!

The medal will be coming out at the back of the machine as there are no space to store the medal.

You may reinsert the Gasha capsule back into the machine by open the cover and throw it back in.

You can buy more capsule Yo-kai which I did just buy additional pack to fill the machine up.

My son is enjoying this machine currently as he turn and open a yo-kai figure to play around. I guess that is the fun of it when making believe is part of it.

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