HGBF 1/144 PAPAGGUY Coming

Since almost 2 years back Bandai release the Mother and Child the BearGuy Family model kit. How can a family be complete without a Father? So here is the PAPAGGuy which will be releasing next week!

This BearGuy has more of a Monochrome (black and White) tone.

Many will think of Charlie Chappin due to the accessory of Top hat and a Cane. Oh the moustache too!

This model kit have some feature of the first BearGuy which is the extended arm.

This model kit do not need any painting as it really need to be it original color.

So are you going to complete the family??

This model kit will be priced at 1,800 YEN.


This BearGuy is taking over the Gundam line. Lolz .. so many variants that I lost count.

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