LEGO MOC Back to the future Delorean

Today we have a pleasure to feature a MOC of Back to the future Delorean by a Korean builder by HaeunDaddy 주지현 (Ji Hyun Joo).

What capture my attention are the details of the Delorean as I am a Back to the Future's fan and the details are amazing.  He also have create a base for his creation. Really Pro!

Firstly the doors would need to be open and he went a step further to make the car bonnet to be open too!

The back view detail was equally amazing!

As a fan, you would notice the detail of time machine as you can see the Trilogy details are all in this one car design.

Now that is all, the detail of the dashboard internally was crazy! Do note the photo below some part was remove just for you to see the dashboard and the flux capacitor! You can see more on the parts in his flickr page

Now the question you should be asking can this Delorean hover and fly? Where the wheels are fordable like the movie!!

HaeunDaddy actually uses 3800 pcs for the whole Delorean.

You can see more of HaeunDaddy creation on his flickr page in higher resolution.

Give this Back to the Future some love will you?


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