DX Yo-kai Gasha Gasha Machine Review

It's been sometime since I talk about Yo-kai watch and finally get to get the DX Yo-kai Gasha Gasha machine to have some fun with my kid.

I mean who don't want to have your own Gashaphon machine right?

In the Yo-kai watch story, it all begin with the boy found and insert a coin into the Gashapon machine...

That being said, this is not to scale to the actual Gasha machine in the Manga or Anime. The most is 1/3 I guess.

Anyway it's time to Open the Toy!!

Out of the box, the whole Gasha machine are just plain and not to mention really light in weight.

It comes with 9 x figurines and capsules and a Bakurobaa Yo-Kai Medal. It also comes with a stickers for you to paste but there are no former instruction. You have to figure out yourself... Do note tho, there will be extra stickers left for you to play around.

As for me I follow close to the photo on the box and here is what it look like.

To turn a capsule out, you need to insert a medal. Which medal you put does not matter as the capsule roll out are purely random.

Next keep on turning until a Yo-kai capsule fall out....

And I got a Whisper!!

The medal will be coming out at the back of the machine as there are no space to store the medal.

You may reinsert the Gasha capsule back into the machine by open the cover and throw it back in.

You can buy more capsule Yo-kai which I did just buy additional pack to fill the machine up.

My son is enjoying this machine currently as he turn and open a yo-kai figure to play around. I guess that is the fun of it when making believe is part of it.


An extra large coin for the machine lolz. Cool for endless fun of capsule machine. I used to have Disney capsule machine for my children back then..

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