Pokémon MonColle EX EMC-19 Mimikyu

I am currently having a good time spending my time with my kid on Pokémon Sun and Moon and one of my favourite character in the series was Mimikyu.

Mimikyu has a origin which is a mystery. On one look you may think its a Pikachu toy but it's a dress Pokémon. It has nothing much of the ability of Pikachu as it is a Ghost /Fairy type. Although dress like a Pikachu, it has a burning hatred toward Pikachu.

Enough of the introduction, Time to Open The Toy!

This is a tiny display toy which have the exact look in the Anime. If you seen the Anime, you may know the head is just a deco as how Mimikyu see are the 2 hole in the stomach.

Here's how Mimikyu look from the side. Regardless it is much like a soft toy, it keep the detail to even having a tail.

At the bottom of this toy is the trademark of Nintendo and Pokémon from Tomy.

As I stated earlier, I purchase this figure because I love the character and there is a certain charm that attract me.

Are you affected by Mimikyu charm as well?


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