LEGO Alternate Built of Creator 31058

The value of a LEGO set to me remain in the ability the alternate built using that same set of LEGO parts.

For that today I have the pleasure to share with you guys some of the alternate built of the LEGO creator Set 31058 from various people and their creativity.

First is a set from Chubbybots

The missing link

His version of Mighty Dinosaurs

Dino aside, it can be a Dronebot

This is Tsang Tsz Cheung version of his Flying Dragon

And Cid Hsiao his Rhinoceros

These are done by 李清景

Finally the Insect Samurai by Philip Toy

Also the Green Monster by Philip To too

And it can also build Human too like what Gerald Cacas done.

These are all built and shared in a Mocer League on facebook

I am pretty sure there are more alternative built and all you need to do is explore. More of MOC or custom later!


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