Pokémon Moncolle EX EHP-06 Tapu Koko

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced many new Pokémon and one of those are the Guardians of Aloha region. One of the guardian deity is Tapu Koko of Melemele Island.

Tapu Koko is Electric/Fairy Pokémon. He come into the story when he follow Ash and give him a gift of the Z-ring. As the toy goes, it capture the likeness of Tapu Koko.

As the figure cannot stand on itself, the toy come with a yellow base just to make this figure stand for display.

Tapu Koko wear a mask and the mask is actually the wing shield that he carry on his side. When he put together it trigger the rooster ability to protect itself.

The toy it make the Mask fit together well with the character inside. Impressive.

Now let's have a close up on the face of Tapu Koko.

Here is a scale comparison between the toy Tapu koko and Mimikyu.

In the game, Tapu Koko is in level 60 and it is possible to catch it. Anyway I leave that to my kid who is playing that game.

By the way, this Tapu koko is his toy, not mine. LOL


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