28 June 2016

Bandai 1:2 Capsule Machine Coming

Have you ever wanted a Gashapon Capsule machine? Now you can get one close to the actual Capsule machine.

The scale is 1:2 of the actual Gashapon machine. Not too sure if the coin slot can fit which size of coin but the functionality of the turning is the same!

That mean it is not only a display pieces but a functioning model.

Coming in August 2016 you can get one of it at 7,020 yen. So look out for it if you really want one.

This is an official Bandai product so it's worth it. LOL

26 June 2016

S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla Resurgence 2016

If you still unaware, Japan is going to release the next Godzilla movie on 29th July named "Godzilla Resurgence". This is how the new Godzilla look like.

Yes he is one ugly M*******r.... personally I was taken aback . Wait, there is more.

This is the actual toy preview of S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2016. He is basically on heat and doesn't look like he will calm down anytime sooner...

Let's have a close up on the face and you would very much understand why I used the word just now.

Did you have a fright? Well wait that is not all. Now look at him getting real angry... Wow what big mouth you have?

It is safe for me to assume this could be the widest mouth of Godzilla in his own history. Think I am over exaggerating? See for yourself.

Now when I said earlier he is on heat I am not joking. Look at his back. See the red glowing? What happen to the usual blue cooling effect?

Even his tail was on fire and unusally long. The burning tail remind me so much of a Pokemon....No prize for guessing. ;)

Nonetheless, S.H.MonsterArts was always famous of the multiple moveable joints. The tail is fully bendable.

This toy has a height of 18cm and is schedule to release in November 2016 at the price point of 12,960 Yen.

Remembering Heath Ledger .....

Why so serious?

25 June 2016

Mattel Filmation Skeletor Review

The following review is by Larry Ho 

After the Filmation He-man sell-out, Skeletor became the MOST anticipated action figure from Club Grayskull. It was absolutely sold out in less than 5 minutes when it went on sale on June All-acess at Mattycollector.com .

The packaging is nothing we new to us same as the last 2 releases. Only this one came with Skeletor against Snake Mountain background printed on the box-back.

Lets take a look at the basic action figure: The articulation is exactly the same as the last 2.

The head sculpt is a much larger piece that any Skeletor head we have seen so fa because he has a proper hood which extends all the way to the back. The other distinct differences are that Filmation Skeletor came with boots instead of the clawed feet with the Classics line... And his forearms are without the glove-like jagged edges this time.

Here you see the extend of his hood from tip to neckline which completely covers the neck. Also, the loin-cover is mirrored to his backside as well which is absent in Classics line. Other than having simpler torso straps, this one came without any sword holding slots.

It seems that only He-man was given a different wrist swivel on his right hand to allow him to strike his "Power" pose but the others had the same wrist in-out swivel. Skeletor's right hand however is made like an open scowling fist which he does all the time in the animation.

Just look at that simplistic yet beautiful head sculpt. Single-toned yellow. Half-gapping jaw. But all Skeletor frown. Truth be told, I was just a little disappointed he didn't have a swivelling jaw but still, half closed works out just fine for me too.

The other accessory is a very nicely crafted sword which is commonly seen in the mini-comics.

Skeletor comes with a two-coloured Filmation styled Ram staff but unlike the Classics line, the Ram skull is sculpted as a separate piece (with a mouth gap) mounted to the staff and it turns too. I did try to pop it out but seems like it is not meant to be taken apart so before breaking anything, I gave up trying.

Lets put him together with Classics Skeletor fitted with the alternate head that came with Demo-man action figure which WAS the closest we ever got to a Filmation head piece. Notice also the differences of the Ram staff.

You can see more pictures and comic done by this skeletor at Larry post.

22 June 2016

Adventure Time joined LEGO® Dimensions 71245 & 71246

Who would see this coming but it is true. LEGO has included Adventure Time team in their latest LEGO® Dimensions game.There comes with 2 Level packed.

LEGO® Dimensions 71245 Adventure Time Level-Pack 
This consist of Finn the Human, Jakemobile and Ancient War Elephant

LEGO® Dimensions 71246 Adventure Time Team-Pack
This consist of Jack the Dog, BMO, Lumpy Space princess and Lumpy Car.

Both of these will be releasing in the later Quarter of 2016 at USD$29.90

Look out for it!

20 June 2016

Finding Dory Toys in Singapore

As Pixar latest animated movie "Finding Dory" started in Singapore, so were the toys! And surprise surprise Bandai was doing the toys for this animated series.

Bandai do what they do best is their line of series of toys for children and make it more in action type of toys. Like Swigglefish series that give rolling and movement of fins to keep entertain.

Here's the Nemo version.

And here is Hank and there are others too.

If you happen to get them all, you can get Mastro Raya which is a container that is on wheels to fit the rest of this series inside him.

One of Bandai pixar toys are the transformation eggs. And here are Dory and Nemo. 

Here's how Nemo transformation goes. Nemo is one of the good looking one. 

There are others like Hanks, Destiny and the rest.

Another interesting toy would be the Dory voice changer which allow you to record your voice and play it as Dory will speak.

Another deluxe toy would be this Dory which can move in a certain pattern and having 50 phases from the movie.

Bandai did best with model kit and the model kit are here for Nemo and Dory.

It can assemble without tools and no need of coloring. Cool!!

Beside these toys, there are soft toys of all sizes for these series for you to hug. 

Just check it out on our major retail toy department for Finding Dory toys from Bandai!

You like?

19 June 2016

Bootleg LEGO Dragonball minifigures

Since I have review between the LEGO bootleg Dragonball Krillin with Bandai Figme, I decide to review the rest of the Dragonball in the bootleg gang.

Well maybe I shouldn't use the word Bootleg since LEGO never did make any Dragonball minifigure anyway.

Well here is Vegeta if it is to be in LEGO minifigure. The look of Vegeta and hair style was spot on. If I have a bone to pick it would be the hair are too glossy.

At the back of the armor detail was there too.

And here is Gohan and if you are a Dragonball fan, you would know by now these series design was in the period of Resurrection of Freiza.

The back of the body come with detail as well.

Another thing that impress me was these series, the design trying to make it in scale as Krillin was having shorter leg but Vegata should be shorter than Gohan.

By now you should be asking where is Son Goku right? Well here he is in his Super Saiyan God Blue and he is Awesome!!

The creator actually give him his Bo which I think was not really necessary but good thing it can be remove easily.

So here are some of the gang in the series I got for fun. Look pretty decent isn't it?

Seems like Vegeta was not happy with him not having Super Saiyan Blue....

Well that doesn't really work for me but whatever make him happy bro.

I am rather pleased as these third party toy maker would do such unique series and look pretty decent. Who knows maybe one day LEGO may have license to do such but till then, these are how they would be.

What's your thoughts of these series of Dragonball minifigures?

18 June 2016

Bootleg Krillin from Dragonball

Not too long ago I review on Bandai Figme figure which is kinda like LEGO looking but today I will review a very familiar brick figure from Dragonball as well. Behold Krillin.

Do note this is not an official product by LEGO nor Bandai but some third party maker which are not custom. In many way this seems LEGO brick looking.

This is the whole package of Krillin and yes it comes with a Dragonball.

The figure was made by "Duo Le Pin Blocks World Innovation by Me". Now don't mistake that it is ME. I am not the one who made these figure. I am just reviewing them.

To make it interesting, I will put side by side with Bandai Figme Krillin for a better comparison.

Putting them together you will appreciate that this third party stay true (if not more than Bandai Figme) in regards to details and look. The face was exactly as Anime or Manga looks. Even the body it has the details of the muscles.

You would notice if you compare the third party product, you can see they imitate the LEGO by giving shorter leg brick but this is not official leg brick as even in LEGO for short leg it is not movable but this third party is able to do that.

At the back, what matter was the in-sigma of the "Turtle" which I find Bandai look better in term of that bold fonts.

Now the third party decided to throw in some accessories like Sai as weapon and I have give it to Bandai Figma and it can also hold it well.

That being said the accessories are just like Gimmick.

That begin said what is the used of the giant Dragonball for?

Well you can put that on his head because the Dragonball base do have the same dimension hole to allow insertion of the head piece into it.

So between these two Krillin, which would you prefer and what is your thoughts on this figure?

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