Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of Shadow Movie Review

After the last TMNT movie which the plot and characters kinda of suck, I was very passive to catch the second instalment Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of Shadow. Since it is school holidays and it was choice of my child to watch this movie, I as a loving parent have to comply.

We enter the cinema with no expectation (don't dare to) and not much idea what will the plot be. But when the movie was over, I was glad we watched this movie. It certainly redeem the last movie. My child was in agreement that this movie is way better than the previous. When coming to opinion, children don't lie.

So what make this TMNT Out of Shadow works? You have more familiar characters in TMNT with good actors that for suit of the role.

WARNING SPOILER AHEAD but you came to read review right? So I keeping it minimal as much as I can.

Firstly let's talk about KC Jones the masked Ice hockey character. He was one of those rare action ally to the turtles. As a fan, we know this is one that can take a fight and he did. What's more is the actor was the actor in DC "The Arrow" TV series, Stephen Amell. So it doesn't take much convincing for audiences to buy the idea that he can fight while looking good.

Megan Fox in this movie still very much the same as last movie but somehow April get some believable action compare in the last movie she and the other guy Falcon who cannot fight happen to saved the Turtles in a highly guarded headquarters of the Foot Soldiers.

Shredder revile himself as a Japanese guy and thank you to you Hollywood for not whitewashing on this one. However he didn't do much part neither was his acting amazing but we don't really expect him to do much as this time his two CGI side kick are the limelight!

Yes I am talking about Bebop and Rocksteady. They pick suitable actor as well that matches the profile of both characters before they mutated. The theory of their mutation however defer from the usual turning into the last contacted animal as in the cartoon. But that does not really bother me as the CGI of both character are much like the 80s TMNT cartoon which is a good thing. Fans like me love them.

Finally the other character that was very well animated was Krang. The brain looking effect was awesome and the Technodrome was cool! The bonus part was how Krang and Shredder relationship turn out to be when the end of the show.

Lastly are the Turtles themselves. This time things are more simple and fun. Their acting are believable and easier to connect to the audience.

Compare to the last TMNT, the grand battle was more original in concept (not like copy amazing Spiderman 1 in the last movie) and logical in plot.

What rock my world was at the end of show, they played the remake of the 1980s TMNT theme song! Both me and my child was singing with it and we are not the only one in the cinema. If they would have make it a starting of the movie that will be damn awesome! We are nonetheless thankful for staying truth to the franchise.

Overall I was glad to catch this movie and it certainly redeem themselves to the fans.If you are still on the fence if you catch this movie, I would say go for it and you will be glad that this is way way better than the last TMNT.


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