Finding Dory Toys in Singapore

As Pixar latest animated movie "Finding Dory" started in Singapore, so were the toys! And surprise surprise Bandai was doing the toys for this animated series.

Bandai do what they do best is their line of series of toys for children and make it more in action type of toys. Like Swigglefish series that give rolling and movement of fins to keep entertain.

Here's the Nemo version.

And here is Hank and there are others too.

If you happen to get them all, you can get Mastro Raya which is a container that is on wheels to fit the rest of this series inside him.

One of Bandai pixar toys are the transformation eggs. And here are Dory and Nemo. 

Here's how Nemo transformation goes. Nemo is one of the good looking one. 

There are others like Hanks, Destiny and the rest.

Another interesting toy would be the Dory voice changer which allow you to record your voice and play it as Dory will speak.

Another deluxe toy would be this Dory which can move in a certain pattern and having 50 phases from the movie.

Bandai did best with model kit and the model kit are here for Nemo and Dory. It can assemble without tools and no need of coloring. Cool!!

Beside these toys, there are soft toys of all sizes for these series for you to hug. 

Just check it out on our major retail toy department for Finding Dory toys from Bandai!

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