Mattel Filmation Skeletor Review

The following review is by Larry Ho 

After the Filmation He-man sell-out, Skeletor became the MOST anticipated action figure from Club Grayskull. It was absolutely sold out in less than 5 minutes when it went on sale on June All-acess at .

The packaging is nothing we new to us same as the last 2 releases. Only this one came with Skeletor against Snake Mountain background printed on the box-back.

Lets take a look at the basic action figure: The articulation is exactly the same as the last 2.

The head sculpt is a much larger piece that any Skeletor head we have seen so fa because he has a proper hood which extends all the way to the back. The other distinct differences are that Filmation Skeletor came with boots instead of the clawed feet with the Classics line... And his forearms are without the glove-like jagged edges this time.

Here you see the extend of his hood from tip to neckline which completely covers the neck. Also, the loin-cover is mirrored to his backside as well which is absent in Classics line. Other than having simpler torso straps, this one came without any sword holding slots.

It seems that only He-man was given a different wrist swivel on his right hand to allow him to strike his "Power" pose but the others had the same wrist in-out swivel. Skeletor's right hand however is made like an open scowling fist which he does all the time in the animation.

Just look at that simplistic yet beautiful head sculpt. Single-toned yellow. Half-gapping jaw. But all Skeletor frown. Truth be told, I was just a little disappointed he didn't have a swivelling jaw but still, half closed works out just fine for me too.

The other accessory is a very nicely crafted sword which is commonly seen in the mini-comics.

Skeletor comes with a two-coloured Filmation styled Ram staff but unlike the Classics line, the Ram skull is sculpted as a separate piece (with a mouth gap) mounted to the staff and it turns too. I did try to pop it out but seems like it is not meant to be taken apart so before breaking anything, I gave up trying.

Lets put him together with Classics Skeletor fitted with the alternate head that came with Demo-man action figure which WAS the closest we ever got to a Filmation head piece. Notice also the differences of the Ram staff.

You can see more pictures and comic done by this skeletor at Larry post.


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