Bootleg Krillin from Dragonball

Not too long ago I review on Bandai Figme figure which is kinda like LEGO looking but today I will review a very familiar brick figure from Dragonball as well. Behold Krillin.

Do note this is not an official product by LEGO nor Bandai but some third party maker which are not custom. In many way this seems LEGO brick looking.

This is the whole package of Krillin and yes it comes with a Dragonball.

The figure was made by "Duo Le Pin Blocks World Innovation by Me". Now don't mistake that it is ME. I am not the one who made these figure. I am just reviewing them.

To make it interesting, I will put side by side with Bandai Figme Krillin for a better comparison.

Putting them together you will appreciate that this third party stay true (if not more than Bandai Figme) in regards to details and look. The face was exactly as Anime or Manga looks. Even the body it has the details of the muscles.

You would notice if you compare the third party product, you can see they imitate the LEGO by giving shorter leg brick but this is not official leg brick as even in LEGO for short leg it is not movable but this third party is able to do that.

At the back, what matter was the in-sigma of the "Turtle" which I find Bandai look better in term of that bold fonts.

Now the third party decided to throw in some accessories like Sai as weapon and I have give it to Bandai Figma and it can also hold it well.

That being said the accessories are just like Gimmick.

That begin said what is the used of the giant Dragonball for?

Well you can put that on his head because the Dragonball base do have the same dimension hole to allow insertion of the head piece into it.

So between these two Krillin, which would you prefer and what is your thoughts on this figure?


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