S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla feat.EVA-01 Coming

To be honest I have never see this coming and still think this is a joke. We know however Godzilla and Evangelion both are good strong franchise by itself but why do they need to put as a crossover as there isn't any story of this crossover...But here it is.

This Godzilla with EVA -01 color theme are a Tamashii Nation web exclusive and it will be releasing in the January 2017 at the price point of 9,936 Yen.

No doubt the color make Godzilla more colorful but there isn't a story to say that it does happen and how Godzilla to be in this color scheme.

This set is actually more like the same mould as before just a different color scheme.

If Godzilla have colour skin pigment ability like the chameleon then it make sense to have this as color scheme change.

Actually the idea of color scheme works for the Robot Godzilla by 7Eleven as it is a mecha and paint can be applied.

If you are still keen then you can wait till January 2017 for it release.


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