LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle 10252 Coming

This Summer will be great because LEGO is releasing a new creator set which Creator Volkswagen Beetle 10252

The set contains 1,167 pieces and set to release to the public on August 1. The VIP members would be able to order and get this on 14 July 2016 tho.

This is actually the second VM Beetle in LEGO history and just like the first one, this is in blue. No doubt the latest look much better as it is more smooth brick Just see for yourself with the picture below of the older series LEGO 10187.

Anyway this is about the New set.

So this 1960s VW Beetle is in azure-blue color scheme with curved fenders. Here is the Front and Back view which you can expect some stickers to sticks.

Here is the Top view of the Beetle.

The top hood can be remove and you can tilt the rear seat forward to access the storage space with fabric beach towel.

Just like the real Beetle, the front hood is a booth which there will be a spare tyre.

While the back is the actual air cooled engine.

One thing I notice is the LEGO do made a printed Volkswagen logo on this piece.

The other accessories are the cooler box and surfboard which you can attached on the roof rails.

Here are the list of accessories in this set and there 4 license plate you can choose from.

This should hit the stores in beginning of August at price of US$99.99 and if you are in Singapore, you have to consider the exchange rate plus the store overhead.

We have to wait and see guys.


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