28 February 2013

More of The Super Alloy Iron Man Mark VII

 Ironman 3 will be premiering in May 2013 and PlayImaginative is releasing The Super Alloy Ironman.

Here are more photos of the diecast 1/6 figures.

Some of the flying pose

Standing pose

The figure comes with the Hall of Armor stand and the lights

See how the lights glow?

The pre-order is currently open till 4th of March. You can see more here.

26 February 2013

Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Here are some of the loose pieces of trading figure from SQUARE ENIX Dragon Quest V, Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

Dragon Quest V original came out on SNES or in Japan it is called Super Famicom console. Here is the cover of the game. Back then the company was called Enix.

If you find resemblance of Dragon Quest drawing like Dragon ball that is because the artist of Dragonball, Akira Toriyama is the artist for this game title.

Simon the main lead was not really a hero type as a fighter and was very much contented with his life until the pasting of his father and he was taken into slavery. For ten years as a builder for a temple for the Order of Light until he escaped.

After his escape, he reunited with his childhood friend, Bianca.

Originally the Simon show much affection on Nera Briscoletti aka Flora.

Simon wanted to collect the Ring of Fire and Ring of Water to marry Flora.

This is Bianca. Simon's childhood friend and they went on quest together.

Much later Simon found he love Bianca Whitaker more and they were married and had a twin.

Unfortunately, Bianca was kiddnapped by Monsters while Simon got betrayed and turn into stone.

Both children were left to fence for themselves and raised in Heroism.

Lola, daughter of Simon and  Bianca. As young as she is, she is quite a powerful girl.

While Erdrick, the twin brother of Lola was quite a fighter too.

Eventually these children free his father Simon.

There suppose to be total of 12 pieces but today review only a couple in that series.

 Have you played Dragon Quest V before?

24 February 2013

Do we need a PS4?

In the beginning of this month, I was excited like most Playstation owner do when I heard that on 20th February that Sony will preview PS4.

As the day drew nearer, more rumors like PS4 will not be accepting preowned game and information on the new AMD chip. I decided not to believe all these rumors and wait for the official news on the actual day.
When that day came, like many gamers of Playstation, I was much disappointed with most of the things Sony had preview but no actual set preview!

As I read more and more of the news release, one question find myself asking this same question.

As a consumer, do I need a PS4?

 That question started to list more questions like that following

Am I looking for Graphic?
One of the highlight which Sony trying to impress was to preview what the new PS4 graphics. As much as I am not trying to be carry away. I have to say Sony should be experience to know the success of a game has not so much on the graphic but the game play and storyline. That is why the re-playability is all about that until today there is still demand of the old game titles. To have a successful and lasting console, you got to have lots of good games. Of course if the game is good, having good graphic is a plus.

Am I looking for new way to play the game?
I am not that impress with the new controller like most Playstation owner do. The more you complicate the controller, you only complicate the gameplay making it difficult for gamer to pick up. That is the exact reason why people play mobile game on their phone because it is simple! All these feature only let others and fans alike to pick on from copy Nintendo and Microsoft. Unless you can do a better job than them, if not please stop trying.

Am I a Mulitplayer gamer? 
In today context, gamers are split into two groups and it is rarely you see these two group cross path. The Multiplayer gamer (World of warcraft, Diablo, Skyrim) and the typical gamer who play game alone. The fact Diablo 3 is coming on Playstation 4 puzzle me as most online gamers kinda leaving Diablo 3 which after more than 10 years of waiting is a disappointment.

Most gamers just want to play alone and Playstation was all along strong for such Single mode player. It is good that it offer Multiplayer but end of the day most people just want to get a Game disc and hide in their room to play their own game.
Do I need everyone on my facebook or other social network to know I am playing Games?

There are many use of social network and spamming my friend feed or likewise my firends facebook game request isn't one of them. I HATE these spamming. Yes I use the word HATE! That should say a lot.

It maybe cute for awhile if I got free time to ask for game request but somehow I felt most of us already grew out of playing game and posting on social media. While there are many achievements in life to parade and show off on social media, gaming score and hours that I play game and how long I play isn't one of them.

My take in short are as follows:

I never want to buy a console, pay for my internet, pay for the subscription fee monthly to connect and pay to download the game (which take a long time) on my console without having a game disc (and if my set dies all my game and save game is not portable).

Please don't go there Sony. You have already came late for Playstation Vita that lost your market to mobile gaming and don't chase away your old supporter who play game alone the traditional way.

After asking myself all these questions, I came to a conclusion that I am happy with the current PS3 that I have. Why would I need to have a new PS4?

Well Sony has a few month left to listen and plan. Hopefully they can win me over.

Do share with me your thoughts on this issue too. :)

23 February 2013

Gundam Unicorn Episode 6 screening Giveaway

We are just a week away from Gundam Unicorn Episode 6: Two Worlds, Two Tomorrows.

Thanks to Bandai Singapore and Shengtai Toys, Singapore is having the one time only screening for this new episode same day as Japan just like the former episode screening. Currently all the tickets were redeemed for the customer who formerly bought the promotion toys earlier. As this event is a exclusive event, there will be no sales of the tickets on that day.

The screening is will be happening on 2nd March 2013 10.30am  at Shaw Theatres Lido.

Thanks to Shengtai toys, Open the Toy is giving away two pairs of tickets (2 Winners each 1 pair of tickets) for this event in Singapore to our readers. Here are the rules to participate for this giveaway

1. You must be residing in Singapore and certain you will be there for the event (we do not want the ticket to go to waste).
2. Already a fan on our facebook by liking Open the Toy
3. Put your comment on the FB thread here and get some Likes on your comment.
4. The end date of this contest will end at  25th Febuary 2013 10PM Singapore time.

Two lucky winners will be pick and each will receive two tickets for the screening and all the coordination will be done on facebook as identity verification.

At Isetan toy department (4th floor) that day, there will be sales of Gundam after the screening including the Limited Edition HGUC Rozen Zulu clear version which will be there just for that day. Note that this is limited item.

Join the giveaway and Good luck! :)

21 February 2013

S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider X Coming

If you are those early Kamen Rider fan who catch the series, you will surely remember Kamen Rider X. I know I do as this is the second Kamen Rider I have seen from my childhood and was one of my favorite.

He came from 1974 series but I only get to watched the series years later and if I remember it was dubbed in Chinese which I can understand. He was a son of a professor and he later avenge his father.

I love his style and bike and like all Riders, they have their rider Kick!

As for accessories, this toy has 3 form of his weapon from sword to staff and also a extra set of hands.

I will always remember Kamen Rider X as that was the first Kamen rider I watched in Chinese and for national TV to air such sci-fi show was rare.

This figure is set to release in May 2013 at listed price 3,360 Yen. Thank goodness this is not a web exclusive.

Is this Kamen Rider X also in your special list?

19 February 2013

BANPRESTO SCultures Dragonball 2013

It's Tuesday again and it is time for me to share some Dragonball goodness on Dragonball Tuesday here at Open the Toy. :)

Here are the coming BANPRESTO  SCultures series for Dragonball for 2013.

For June 2013 is Android 18 with her one of the kind sitting position.

And also the childhood Chi Chi on Nimbus cloud

In July 2013, it's the Fat Buu with exchangeable head. Pretty cool.

In August 2013, Goku in casual wear which we hardly see him in drinking water from canteen with his backpack and his Nyoi-bō.

In September 2013, Master Roshi which I love the details of this figure! Love those sneakers.

These series is great for display. Look out for it.

17 February 2013

Nickelodeon TMNT Raphael

After reviewing Michelangelo and Donatello, it is time to review Raphael toy from the Nickelodeon series.

Raphael has always be a loner in movie and comic but in the latest series, Raphael seems to be more as a team player. However he is constantly having anger management issue and like to bully Donatello and Michelangelo.

Raphael retain his red Bandana and if you have not notice the older TMNT in comic are all wearing the red Bandana. 

Raphael skin for this version are more darker green and the texture seems to be more rough. His teeth are kinda yellowish compare to the color of his eyes and his shell are very much damaged compare to the rest. One notice scar was on his left upper corner having a lightning pattern chip off.

Raphael is master of his close range weapon called Sai. In the series he had history defeating Leonardo and the rest. You can say he is most skilled for fighting.

His double sai can disarmed swords and other close or mid range weapon as he can swing the weapon is a fast speed. For the toy, the weapons are made of soft plastic and the edges are more rounded.

The weapons can be placed at the back of belt and it look great! From the point of scale, his weapons seem to be bigger than usual.

However when placed on his hands, the scale look reasonable. Raphael can do some good pose for his articulations.

My child bought this out for our outing and when he was not paying attention I managed to get some outdoor shot of Raphael.

Raphael rooming about int he grassland.

He is quick to pull out his weapon for any danger. Don't try to fool around with him. He is the least TMNT you ever want to cross path with.

Here is Raphael again enjoying his "ME" time alone away from his master and his brothers so he can hang loose.

Although Raphael is not my favorite TMNT but I can comprehend the growing up pain he has to go through to find himself and where he stand.

As for the toy, this is the most amazing Raphael I have seen so far.

16 February 2013

1/6 Iornman Mark XLII Hot Toys and Kotobukiya

If you are a fan of the Ironman Mark XLII from Ironman, you are in luck as there are two 1/6 figure for you to choose from. As we read this post, you will notice the similarity.

Let's begin with Hot Toys with their new Power Pose series for 1/6 scale. This series are more on display as unlike other Hot Toys line, this figure has very limited articulation.

It do come with good painting and details

The only articulation simulated is one of it's leg and the feet.

The accessory wise, there a extra leg, stand holder and also LED for the hands. No price point given yet and the release will be in Q2 of 2013

On the corner Kotobukiya who have been doing much display figure is also releasing their own version of Ironman Mark XLII in 1/6 scale too.

As the mature maker of display figure, the pose have water like display base

LED will be on his eyes, chest and hand.

The price is not fixed yet but it will also be release in Q2 of 2013.

As a collector and consumer, you now have to make a choice if you can only get one.

So who would you choose if you can only have the budget to get one of this Ironman?

15 February 2013

Top 3 Anticipated Games of 2013

Let’s countdown with Michelle!

3. GTA V
Rockstar Games has always been impressive, especially with its GTA franchise. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve played Bully, L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption.

Let’s welcome the returns of planes, bikes and amazing soundtracks with three protagonists this time.

GTA V, release delayed till 17 September 2013.

2. Watch Dogs 

The game demo caught my attention at E3 2011. It is Ubisoft’s brand new IP, similar to its successful franchise Assassin’s Creed but in an urban environment with digital footprint.

I can’t wait to control the entire city in Watch Dogs with stunning graphics and AI. “Remember, connection is power, but be careful what you do with it” - Morin, Ubisoft E3 2012.

Watch Dogs, release date TBC. It seems like a promising next-gen game.

1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us swept the E3 2012 Game Critics award, taking five categories including Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best Action/Adventure Game, and Best Sound.

Naughty Dog has never failed to impress me since PlayStation days with Crash Bandicoot (now owned by Activision) and Uncharted on the PS3.

The Last of Us will be in stores 7 May 2013.

2013 is going to be a tough fight. Other noteworthy games include Beyond: Two Souls and Bioshock Infinite.

What's on your list?

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